EasyLock - Top-Grade USB Encryption

For both home users and enterprise, encryption is a critical requirement for securing data. Designed for reliable security, yet easy to use, EasyLock is a cross-platform solution to secure confidential data stored on a local folder, copied on USB storage devices, uploaded to cloud services such as Dropbox and iCloud or even burned on CDs and DVDs.

EasyLock creates an encrypted area on your preferred location. If you have private files or confidential data and you want to avoid somebody else having access, you can protect them by password-based military-strength AES 256bits CBC-mode encryption with EasyLock. Eliminate the threat in case a USB flash drive or portable hard drive is lost or stolen and ensure the data shared on cloud services is safe. It is available for Windows and macOS.

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USB Encryption

For Windows and macOS

Creates an encrypted area on your USB flash drive and secures data in case of theft or loss.

Cloud Encryption

For cloud storage

Store and share data that is encrypted and password-protected. Perfect for Dropbox, iCloud or Ubuntu One.

CDs & DVDs Encryption

For optical drives

Protect data stored on CDs and DVDs with encryption. An easy but efficient way to secure information with a low-cost, low-tech portable media.

Local Folder Encryption

For Windows and macOS

Protects confidential data on your computer with a password-based military strength AES 256bits encryption.

EasyLock Highlights

EasyLock Highlights


Powerful encryption for confidential data

Your employees' and company's Credit Card Numbers, passwords, marketing strategy and other sensitive data should be encrypted when being stored on portable media or other potentially vulnerable locations to prevent data leakage.


Intuitive security without a hassle

Just Drag & Drop or Copy / Paste your data. Getting your data safely stored cannot be more convenient than with EasyLock. Data is encrypted and decrypted on the fly. EasyLock integrates also with Endpoint Protector for Enforced Encryption.

How it works

How Data Loss Prevention works