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Below you can explore issues related to Carry it Easy and find the advice you need. For any other additional questions, suggestions, improvements requests or if you simply want to report a problem, please contact the support team.

How can I synchronize my personal folders (Music, Pictures etc) under Vista?
Why do I get the 'Failed to determine license state' error message and after this my application is expired?
After an automatic update, Carry it Easy +Plus gave me an error. What can I do?(Error Message: "Carry it Easy +Plus Edition has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.")
When I try to run the Carry it Easy light – Verbatim Edition application (that came preinstalled on my Verbatim USB drive), I get a message and the application does not start. What can I do?
Why can't I safely remove my USB Flash Drive / portable storage device?
Why do I get an 'Unable to create message store' when trying to synchronize my Outlook 2000?
How can I change the language in Carry it Easy +Plus?
What languages does Carry it Easy +Plus support?
Can I access my Internet Explorer Favorites on my Flash Drive also with my Firefox browser?
If I synced my Firefox Bookmarks with my Flash Drive and on the host computer Firefox is not installed, can I still access my Bookmarks?
Why does Carry it Easy +Plus start when I plug in the U3 smart drive?
How do I install Carry it Easy +Plus on my U3 smart drive?
The U3 Launchpad window is not displayed when I insert my U3 smart drive into the USB port on my computer.
How do I uninstall Carry it Easy +Plus from my U3 smart drive?
What Carry it Easy version do I have to use with my U3 smart drive?
Where can I download Carry it Easy +Plus for my U3 smart drive?
How do I start Carry it Easy +Plus from my U3 smart drive?
Why does Carry it Easy +Plus write the surfing information on my desktop instead of my USB Flash Drive?
Why does my anti-spyware program report a browser hijack attempt when I use the 'No Trace Browsing' function?
Why can't I safely remove my USB Flash Drive?
I lost my password, what can I do?
Why can't I drag-and-drop files in the secured partition when im not logged in?
Why are there two letters in the Windows Explorer menu when I only have one USB Flash Drive plugged?
Why does it take so long to delete the browsing trace from the USB Flash Drive?
Outlook Express (started from the USB Drive) gives me an error message, when I try to check e-mails. What can I do?
Carry it Easy +Plus doesn't start, but I get a Message saying 'Please plug in your USB Drive and start Carry it Easy +Plus again!' even when I have my USB Drive plugged in?
Why can't I format my USB Drive with Windows?
Does Carry it Easy +Plus run under Windows 98?
Why do I need to have administrative rights to run Carry it Easy +Plus?
Why is my 128MB USB Drive shown with a capacity of 120MB?
Why does my 128MB USB Drive appear to have only 5 MB capacity?
Why does it take so long to synchronize My Documents?
Why does it take so long to change my security settings to (no) password security?
Why does it take so long to synchronize my Internet Favorites?
I get an error message when trying to access the ZIP files on my USB Drive from Windows Explorer when Carry it Easy +Plus is still running.
After updating Carry it Easy I cannot start CarryItEasy.exe anymore. What can I do?
How to update Carry it Easy when having a partitioned (password protected) Flash Drive?
When I start Carry it Easy on my takeMS MEM-Drive I get an error message!
I cannot see my old Outlook Express Backup after updating to Carry it Easy or higher versions.
I lost my password and my fingerprint is not recognized, what can I do?
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