Case Study

Paymark implemented Endpoint Protector to secure and protect their customers’ sensitive data, and to better control and manage the risks of portable storage devices without blocking them.

Industry: Finance & Banking
Securing all devices that increase productivity, seamless Integration
Endpoint Protector’s ability to grant/deny rights, natural integration
Complete control, instant encryption, and easy device disable

As Paymark operates in a field where providing the highest level of security to customers and protecting them against data security breaches is paramount, the company needed to effectively control the widespread use of portable storage devices and manage the risks they introduce. At the same time, Paymark required all the files used and transited by their personnel to be encrypted as part of their security policy. On the other hand, they needed to implement a security approach that would allow their employees to continue to make use of all devices that helped them increase productivity, rather than blocking their usage altogether.

Another technical challenge was to implement an endpoint security solution that would seamlessly integrate with other security applications Paymark was using, as their in place solution would not work well with other software, such as their antivirus. They needed the same or a higher level of security without causing other applications to malfunction.


Paymark started their search for a data loss prevention and endpoint security solution that would best meet their needs. They compared four different applications developed by CoSoSys, McAfee, Symantec and DeviceWall. They chose CoSoSys’ Endpoint Protector for its ease of use, speedy deployment and natural integration in the existing software and hardware platform. Additionally, they added EasyLock to their security application range, to be able to force encryption on all portable storage devices used by their personnel.

Endpoint Protector’s ability to centrally grant or deny rights for the use of specific device types in real time was an essential requirement for Paymark, as it allowed them to keep administrative efforts for the IT department to a minimum. With the integrated Endpoint Protector Reporting Tool, Paymark can now effectively audit the usage of different kinds of devices by their employees, while being able to directly and immediately respond in case of unsound device use.

The implementation of Endpoint Protector and EasyLock in Paymark’s software infrastructure has resulted in an increased overall systems and network security.

Why Endpoint Protector?
  • Complete control of all popular device types
  • Instant encryption of critical company files
  • Ability to disable certain device types
We selected CoSoSys’ Endpoint Protector for its ease of use, quick implementation and seamless integration in our existing software and hardware platform.The overall security of systems and networks has increased.
Conrad Morgan
Manager ICT Security at Paymark
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