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Endpoint Protector Basic

Data Protection for Small Offices or Home Use. Endpoint Protector Basic is designed to protect your standalone computer from data theft. If you leave your Windows computer / Mac unlocked, someone else might access it and take away important data on their USB flash drives or other portable storage devices. With its ability to uniquely identify devices, you can be sure that you are in control and no third party can use your USB ports to copy data from your computer or to place potential malicious files on it.

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Please read this FAQ relating to macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

Device Control

With the administrative console, you will have a complete overview of all device activity, allowing for a close monitoring and control of USB flash drives and other portable storage devices.

File Tracing

The feature allows you to record what files are written or read from portable storage devices for later analysis.

Device Logging

All devices that are connected even if they are authorized or not are recorded in a log file for later reference.

Support for Windows and macOS

With Endpoint Protector Basic you can protect your computer whether it is a Mac or a Windows computer.

Endpoint Protector Basic Highlights

Endpoint Protector Basic Highlights


Manage device rights

See a list of connected devices and approve, deny or assign Read-Only access for different device types and keep control of what devices are connected to your computer.


E-mail alerts

Set up e-mail alerts so you can receive notifications by e-mail if an unauthorized mass storage device was connected to your computer.

How Endpoint Protector Basic Works

How Data Loss Prevention works