Device Control

The administrative console of Endpoint Protector Basic will give you an overview of all device fleet activity and will help you block anyone from connecting USB devices or other portable storage media to your protected computer.

File Tracing

Allows the administrator to record the file properties of the files that are written or read from the portable storage devices for later analysis.

Support for Mac OS X and Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

With our solutions, you can make portable device use secure in networks where Macs and Windows computers are used. This widens your security and offers an even more secure working environment.

Device Logging

All devices that are connected even if they are authorized or not are recorded in a log file for later reference.

E-Mail Notification

If somebody tries to connect a USB flash drive or other portable storage devices on your computer without your permission, the device will be blocked and you will be instantly notified by e-mail.

Network "Offline" Capability

When a Notebook is disconnected from the local area network, the USB endpoint protection will remain, working as configured.

Administrative Control

Only the computer's administrator is allowed to authorize devices or to configure Endpoint Protector Basic.

Configuration Password

Only the computer's administrator is allowed to authorize USB flash drives or other devices for use. An optional password gives additional protection in an environment where many users have administrative rights.

Multilingual Interface

Endpoint Protector Basic is simple and easy to use, being available in a wide set of languages.

Stand-alone Application

No internet or network connection required. A simple installer makes Endpoint Protector Basic a great choice for Home Users, Small Offices or Remote Facilities.