Device Control for Mac OS X

Control and monitor access rights for USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, etc. and protect data against loss or theft.

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Award-winning Device Control
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The increased use of portable devices has not only improved the efficiency and mobility of our daily work but at the same time also significantly increased the threats to companies’ data security. USB devices and other portable storage devices (such as memory cards, digital cameras, etc.), although small and at a first glance harmless, are one of the top causes for security incidents with millions of dollars in losses for businesses. The need of using a device control solution and controlling the use of devices in corporate environments has become nowadays a must in order to keep up with the latest security challenges.

Macs are becoming an integral part of the business world today as organizations are accepting and deploying them on their networks. Therefore, stopping users from taking classified information from Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook on portable devices has become an imperative for the companies' data security.

Proactively locking down and monitoring the use of USB, card readers, Bluetooth devices, etc. is possible with Device Control by Endpoint Protector for Mac OS X and can be managed centrally from the intuitive web-based interface.

If you wish to complement your data security implementation with an additional layer of security, Content Aware Protection is also available for Mac OS X.

How Device Control for Mac OS X Works

Define and enforce device control policies
Monitor all ports and devices activity
Block or monitor the events involving devices
Actions are reported or included in e-mail alerts

Main Benefits

Address one of the top data security threats

Lost portable storage devices represent one of the top causes for data loss and data theft. With Device Control for Mac OS X, small thumb drives which can store gigabytes of data, are authorized for use only to trusted employees or groups. 

Have a clear view of devices use

With Endpoint Protector Device Control, each connected device is uniquely identified. The available graphics offer visibility over the most used devices, the most active users when it comes to connected devices, and other valuable information.

Protection for Macs as strong as for Windows computers

Macs increased popularity made them more vulnerable to data security threats. Controlling the use of portable storage devices to prevent confidential data transfers is a must in nowadays business environments. Implementing Device Control only on Windows computers would create a gap in the data protection strategy.

Authorize only encrypted devices

Even when the use of removable devices is authorized only to a category of employees, the risk of lost or stolen devices still exists. To enforce stronger security, we provide Enforced Encryption with EasyLock, forcing the users to encrypt data in transit and store sensitive documents only on encrypted devices.