Web Data Loss Prevention vs. Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector is not a web DLP, it is an endpoint Data Loss Prevention solution that can monitor file transfers via the Internet (including e-mail clients, web browsers, instant messaging applications) as well as transfers to the cloud (such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox) and more. Choose our security solution and ensure that your sensitive information stays within your organization.

Try Endpoint Protector and explore the features that will enhance your IT security strategy.

Extended DLP capabilities

Keep your Intellectual Property (IP) such as source code and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) including credit card numbers and social security numbers inside your organization with our centrally managed security product. Endpoint Protector safeguards data in motion and at rest, offers removable media control as well as encryption options for confidential information.

Network DLP at an endpoint level

Inspect network traffic at an endpoint level for confidential data. Scan and block SSL traffic, e-mail protocols, HTTP/HTTPS and other data transfer mechanisms with our advanced DLP solution.

Quick and easy deployment

Endpoint Protector can be up and running in 30 minutes, providing real-time, advanced protection against data theft and data breaches.

Meet compliance requirements

Deploy our DLP software and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards including GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and more.

Maximize your data protection

With Endpoint Protector, you can monitor and control file transfers from Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints. Ensure the proper use of collaboration tools like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp Desktop, and apply DLP policies to safeguard Workstream Collaboration Data (WCD) platforms like Slack and Mattermost.

Granular control for your sensitive data

Set up security policies easily and control what confidential files can or cannot leave your company via various exit points. Define filters per file type, application, predefined and custom content, Regex and more. Apply different policies when outside normal working hours or outside the defined network.

Flexible deployment options

Our endpoint DLP solution offers great deployment flexibility and is available as a hardware or virtual appliance, and through cloud services including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Multiple deployment options


Virtual appliance

Available in VMX, PVA, OVF, OVA, XVA and VHD formats, being compatible with the most popular virtualization tools.

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Cloud services

Available for deployment in the following cloud services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

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Reduce deployment complexity & cost. Focus more resources on identifying and mitigating risks to your sensitive data and less on maintaining the infrastructure.

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Honda Lock
“The most required features for us were the Network Share control from the Device Control module and the Bluetooth device. These features helped the company to manage the users easily and to block transfers to mobile devices, USB devices, and external devices.”
Mr. Alejandro Garcés,
Spectrum of Hope
“Endpoint Protector adds a strong layer of data security. In addition, CoSoSys customer service is excellent.”
Josh McCown,
IT Director
“Our company was set up within hours and the support and service offered by CoSoSys are excellent.”
Jay Patel,
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