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What devices can I manage with My Endpoint Protector? (Discontinued)

You can manage all commonly used USB devices and peripheral ports:

Devices / Ports
▪ USB Devices*
▪ USB Drives* (normal, U3)
▪ Memory Cards* (SD, CF...)
▪ CD/DVD-Burner (int., ext.)
▪ External HDDs* (incl. sATA)
▪ Printers*
▪ Floppy Drives
▪ Card Readers* (int., ext.)
▪ Webcams*
▪ WiFi Network Cards
▪ Digital Cameras*
▪ iPhones / iPads / iPods*
▪ Smartphones/BlackBerry
▪ FireWire Devices*
▪ MP3 Player/Media Players*
▪ Biometric Devices
▪ Bluetooth Devices*
▪ ZIP Drives
▪ ExpressCards (SSD)
▪ Wireless USB
▪ Serial Port
▪ Teensy Board
▪ PCMCIA Storage Devices

Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android devices is also available.
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