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What can I do with My Endpoint Protector? (Discontinued)

With My Endpoint Protector you are putting an end to data loss, data theft and data leakage caused by rouge Flash Drives or other uncontrollably used portable devices in your network and on your computers. With My Endpoint Protector you can monitor and control proactively what devices are allowed (device Whitelisting) and what devices and ports are not allowed to be used. From controlling USB ports to WiFi, printers and many other devices to monitoring what data is transferred outside of the network through various exit points, My Endpoint Protector is the right cloud DLP solution.

Take Control of the data flow to these and more Applications and Devices:

E-Mail Clients
- Outlook
- IBM Lotus Notes
- Thunderbird, etc.
Web Browsers
- Internet Explorer
- Firefox
- Chrome, etc.
Instant Messaging
- Skype, etc.
- Microsoft Communicator
- Yahoo Messenger, etc.
Cloud Services/File Sharing
- Dropbox, iCloud, SkyDrive
- BitTorrent, Kazaa, etc.
Other Applications
- iTunes
- Samsung Kies
- Windows DVD Maker
- Total Commander
- FileZilla
- Team Viewer
- HTC Sync for Android
- LogMeIn Pro
- EasyLock, and many more
Devices / Ports
▪ USB Devices*
▪ USB Drives* (normal, U3)
▪ Memory Cards* (SD, CF...)
▪ CD/DVD-Burner (int., ext.)
▪ External HDDs* (incl. sATA)
▪ Printers*
▪ Floppy Drives
▪ Card Readers* (int., ext.)
▪ Webcams*
▪ WiFi Network Cards
▪ Digital Cameras*
▪ iPhones / iPads / iPods*
▪ Smartphones/BlackBerry
▪ FireWire Devices*
▪ MP3 Player/Media Players*
▪ Biometric Devices
▪ Bluetooth Devices*
▪ ZIP Drives
▪ ExpressCards (SSD)
▪ Wireless USB
▪ Serial Port
▪ Teensy Board
▪ PCMCIA Storage Devices

Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android devices is also available.
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