My Endpoint Protector Release History

Learn about the current and previous My Endpoint Protector updates. Information regarding changes and enhancements is detailed in chronological order below.


My Endpoint Protector - Product Update


My Endpoint Protector



  • The default client version has changed to v4.4.6.8 for Windows and v1.4.4.9 for MAC OS X
  • Custom client notifications have been added
  • Custom System Alerts can now be created. A wide range of e-mail alerts can now be set up, providing information about APNS, Updates & Support, Device Control & Content Aware Log Amounts, Percentage of licenses already used, etc.

Device Control

  • The list of recognized devices classes has been extended to include: Android Smartphones (for Macs), Additional Keyboards, USB Modems, Network Shares and Parallel ports (LPT)
  • File Tracing has been added for the monitoring of file transfer operations
  • A more friendly design and better functionality has been adopted for the Custom Classes

Content Aware Protection

  • The option to create HIPAA Content Aware Policies has been added, allowing an easier and more complex way of securing Protected Health Information. Read more about HIPAA, PHI and the Healthcare industry here.
  • Predefined Content Aware policies can now be setup – this removes the need to manually setup policies on targets of interest
  • The Threshold feature has been added for a better policy management. With the threshold level set, redundant inspection of data is further eliminated
  • The option to hide client notifications for Content Aware events has been added
  • The predefined content filter now supports dates and US addresses


  • Printer activity can now be monitored and blocked
  • IBM Lotus Notes 9.0.1, eM Client, Eudora, Foxmail and Zimbra Desktop Mail have been added in the list of email applications
  • Telegram Desktop, Spark, Pidgin and Mail.Ru Agent have been added to the list of instant messaging applications
  • Amazon Drive, Box Sync, Mega, Novell Filr and the Github client have been added to the list of cloud services / file sharing applications
  • GoToMeeting and the Windows store apps were added to the social media list of applications

Mac OS X

  • The option to manage Network Shares on Mac OS X through the Content Aware Protection module has been added.
  • The list of Internet browsers now includes Sleipnir and Maxthon

Mobile Device Management

  • The new Geofencing feature provides the option to define a virtual perimeter on a geographic area using a location-based service. This provides a better management of MDM Policies that apply only in a specific area
  • iOS 7 and 8 specific restrictions have been added under Security Policy
  • Android vCards can now be added and managed through the MDM module