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Why did the eDiscovery Scanning Status progress bar dropped to a lower percentage?

If the Endpoint Protector Client is updated during a running scan, the Scanning Status progress bar is known to drop to just a few percentages. It can take anywhere from just a couple of minutes or up to a few hours for the progress bar to return to normal.

An inaccurate progress bar can also be displayed immediately after a computer is restarted while a scan is running.

The situations occur due to the fact that some computations are needed in order for the Endpoint Protector Client to transmit an accurate status of the files already scanned, the confidential information it discovered, etc.

The time needed for the progress bar to return to normal is influenced by several factors like: the computer’s processing power, the number of scanned files, the number of policy violations discovered, the total number of files and HDD space, etc.

Note: It is recommended that any active scans on a specific computer are stopped before preforming an update of the Endpoint Protector Client.
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