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Why am I experiencing issues with the Endpoint Protector 4 Client after upgrading Windows 10?

Endpoint Protector 4 is designed as a cross-platform solution that works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. For Windows, the same Endpoint Protector 4 Client can be used to protect computers running on Windows XP, all the way to the latest Windows 10 version.

However, as Windows 10 has implemented some changes to its latest releases, some updates to the OS have been known to cause several issues with various Vendors. These issues are affecting the Endpoint Protector 4 Client as well and they can occur when updating from an older Windows version to the latest Windows 10.

Resolution: After the Windows 10 update, please install a higher version of the Endpoint Protector 4 Client than the one previously installed (i.e: if before the OS update, the EPP Client version was, please install the EPP Client version

In case you already have EPP Client version installed and there is no higher version available in the Endpoint Protector UI, please download an offline version of the EPP Client from here. You will need to upload it to the Endpoint Protector UI by going to Dashboard > Live Update and use the Offline Patch Uploader to complete the process.

In case the issue was not fixed, please contact Support as a remote connection will be required.
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