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What Endpoint Protector agent runs on Mac OS 10.5?

As we are constantly improving our products, adding new features and reacting to the current and future data security threats, some of the features we added, take advantage of the latest Mac OS functionalities – that were not available in Mac OS X Leopard (version 10.5). Therefore, our generic latest Endpoint Protector Client for Mac OS X does not run on Mac OS 10.5.

Since Leopard is an older OS and Apple has discontinued its support since 2011, it has several security vulnerabilities. We suggest upgrading to a newer Mac OS X version, taking advantage of all Endpoint Protector has to offer.

If however, you want to continue running Mac OS 10.5 and want to use Endpoint Protector, the Client version you are looking for is (limited features available). The client is available for download directly from the user interface by going to System Configuration > Client Software Update.

Endpoint Protector Client Software Update

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