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Does Endpoint Protector inspect content sent through Thunderbird?

  • For version up to Thunderbird 38.0 - Yes

  • For versions later then Thunderbird 38.0 – file attachments only

Through the Content Aware Protection module, Endpoint Protector can inspect the content sent through various e-mail clients (i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, etc.). It can scan the e-mail body, subject, sender, recipients, as well as create a file shadow of the body content. This is made possible partially through the use of add-ons.
Thunderbird has changed their policy related to add-ons implementation. This means that for Thunderbird versions higher than 38.0, Endpoint Protector will only be able to filter attachments.

To take advantage of the full features provided by Endpoint Protector, you should not update to the latest version of Thunderbird.
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