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How to correctly run EasyLock site licenses for Endpoint Protector 4?

When it comes to enforced encryption for USB storage devices, EasyLock site licenses are used in collaboration with Endpoint Protector 4. The small USB application can be downloaded directly from the user interface under System Configuration > Download EasyLock Software. If the site licenses have already been purchased and loaded into Endpoint Protector 4, licenses can be automatically allocated by following the below actions:

  1. Login to Endpoint Protector 4

  2. Go to System Configuration > Download EasyLock Software

  3. Copy or download EasyLock directly on the root of the USB drive e.g F:\\EasyLock.exe (on a PC where the USB Mass Storage Device is on Allow Access or the Endpoint Protector Client is not present)

  4. Repeat the copy operation on all the USB drives you want to enforce encryption in combination with Endpoint Protector 4 and Trusted Device Level 1 for all the USB Drives running EasyLock software

  5. A site license will be automatically allocated to EasyLock and the enforced encryption triggered by Endpoint Protector 4 will function as intended, when the USB drive will be plugged into a PC with Endpoint Protector Client running

If EasyLock is installed on a USB devices and is used with a trial license, a site license will not be allocated. Please re-connect the device to the computer immediately after installation. If EasyLock was used with a trial license, please format the USB devices and follow the steps described above.
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