Endpoint Protector Release History

Learn about the current and previous Endpoint Protector updates. Information regarding changes and enhancements is detailed in chronological order below.


Endpoint Protector 4 Appliance - Update


Server Version:


  • Client upgrade option for Mac OS X added in the UI
  • Added Site License Key for EasyLock TD Level 1 (possibility to import EasyLock company license in Endpoint Protector Server then deploy it on the company's trusted devices)
  • Inspection of Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail content (supported versions 3.3 - 14)
  • Enhanced UI: new filtering options for Advanced search and Device history
  • Updated Korean and Japanese localizations/languages
  • Improved AD integration both Import and Sync functions for large AD structures

Bug fixes:

  • Effective rights not loading rights list when using "user" field only
  • Content aware protection module: policy creation - minor fixes
  • Updated EasyLock 2 Trusted Device level 1: version (added support for Server Site license key)
  • Updated Endpoint Protector Clients

Mac Client Version: (for MAC OS X: 10.5+)


  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) is now supported
  • Added Wi-Fi support for Device Control
  • Control for USB Android devices made by Samsung. They will be detected as USB Mass Storage devices
  • Client upgrade supported from this version on
  • openSSL upgraded from 0.9.8h to 1.0.1c
  • The view in the dashboard widget is being updated for each current device

Bug fixes:

  • Adjusted kernel panic caused by memory corruption
  • Only one partition of multiple partitioned storage device was safely removed
  • File tracing events were generated only for one partition of a storage device with multiple partitions
  • During a silent install, the Client branding parameters (IP, port, department) where not taken in consideration

Win Client Version:


  • Balloon notification on the Client computer when the print screen is blocked because of a content aware policy
  • Better SCSI CD/DVD-ROM handling for Device Control
  • Added Spanish and Czech localizations for the Client's notifier
  • openSSL upgraded from 0.9.8h to 1.0.1c

Bug fixes:

  • Adjusted Disable Print Screen after a Client installation on a system without Content Aware Protection enabled
  • When the content aware policy is set to block and report phone numbers, content containing phone numbers is reported, but not blocked
  • Do not recognize "thumbs.db" as MS Office Word document
  • Delete also the local database file related to content aware policies after uninstall, if "Delete database and logs" option is selected
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