Network Data Loss Prevention

Detect and control sensitive content in network communications.

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Enhanced visibility and control of data flow
Intuitive setup and reporting
Effective mitigation of data loss and data theft

Endpoint Protector 4 network DLP monitors and controls data flow at the network level to eliminate the threats determined by data loss, data theft or leakage. It is a module within the Endpoint Protector 4 product, available through a simple activation based on valid licenses. Our network DLP solution completes the enterprise DLP offering, next to endpoint DLP and eDiscovery. The centralized management for all 3 modules simplifies the implementation and saves time, additional hardware acquisition and other valuable resources. Available policies include content inspection and blocking in SSL traffic, e-mail protocols, HTTP/HTTPS, social media and file transfer protocols.


Advanced policy building

Several rules can be setup and can be customized according to the sensitive information traveling your network: bank account specific patterns, personally identifiable information, keywords, regular expressions, and others. Once detected, Endpoint Protector 4 alerts the administrator and blocks the transfer of confidential data.

Intuitive management with predefined policies

Setting up policies does not have to be a hassle. Endpoint Protector 4 includes HIPAA, PCI DSS, and file type pre-configured policies, so it is a matter of just selecting and applying the right policy for your network.

Exceptions with whitelists to keep productivity

Include your trusted web addresses like intranet portals in whitelists and support business continuity.

Granular controls

The option to define policies per user, computer, and groups and import your organizational structure through AD, makes it easy to apply different controls according to the specifics of each department’s and user’s work.

Broad coverage of data types and files

Prevent data leakages outside the company and keep data confidential between departments combining the diverse content-based (keywords, PHI patterns, PII formats, CCNs, and others) and file type policies (office files, graphic files, programming files, and many others).

More than a solution for compliance

Protect data beyond the compliance requirements. Scan employee communications without blocking the access completely to apps and web addresses, but only sensitive data sent back and forth throughout the network to prevent data breaches. Compliance is achieved, but more importantly, data is kept safe within the company network.

How network DLP works

Activate your network DLP module within Endpoint Protector 4
Select the network protocols you want to monitor and control
Define your sensitive content policies
Confidential data communications are stopped and reported