Webinar - Pharmaceutical companies: How to ensure data security and prevent insider threats

Tim Deluca-Smith
Tim Deluca-SmithCMO
Ernest Byrd
Ernest ByrdPrincipal Solutions Engineer

In this Product Insights session, you can watch Endpoint Protector in action and learn how pharma companies like yours are using the technology to protect sensitive data on employee endpoints.

Watch the live product demonstration to learn:

  • Why insider threats from malicious, negligent, and compromised employees are the biggest threat to your client data, PII, and PHI.
  • How remote work has changed the threat landscape forever.
  • How to maintain regulatory compliance (HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA etc.) by scanning for confidential information stored on employee laptops.
  • How to avoid the operational disruptions and reputational damage that result from data breaches at the endpoint
Watch the Webinar