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Data Protection for Software & Tech Companies


In this Security Briefing, Tim Deluca-Smith, CMO @ CoSoSys, is joined by Ryan Ivis, Manager of Security Architecture @ Ping Identity, and Chris Roney, Senior Strategic Account Executive @ CoSoSys. The team discusses how software and technology companies can protect confidential information at the endpoint.

From customer PII and payment data, to your source code and IP, protecting your sensitive data has never been more challenging. In fact the latest research suggests that it now tasks an average of 287 days to identify and contain a breach.

  • Insider threats - are employee endpoints leaking data?
  • What’s happening offline? How remote work has changed the threat landscape.
  • macOS vs Windows vs Linux - how to maintain consistent policies across operating systems.
  • From PCI DSS to GDPR - what regulations do software companies need to consider?

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