Security Briefings

Data Protection for Law Firms


In this Security Briefing, Tim Deluca-Smith is joined by Chris Roney, DLP Specialist and Daryl Craig, Director of Information Technology @ Lenczner Slaght. The team discuss how law companies can protect confidential Information that flows uninhibited across email and messages.

Law firms face several challenges when it comes to managing sensitive information. Unfortunately, keeping this data secure has become increasingly difficult; and while the headlines might focus on malicious data breaches by outsiders, the reality is that the vast majority of security incidents are unintentionally caused by employees.

  • How to control the devices connected to employee laptops.
  • How you can stop sensitive client information from being shared via email and apps.
  • How to maintain regulatory compliance by scanning for confidential information stored on employee laptops.
  • How to roll out DLP to a law firm and how to build a culture around data security.

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