Case Study
Veolia Water

Veolia is the only global company to provide a full range of environmental services in the fields of water, waste management, energy and transportation. Their missions is to enable industry, local authorities and citizens to optimize their use of resources for more efficient, environmentally-friendly and socially responsible outcomes.

The Challenge

The HPD® Evaporation and Crystallization uses advanced technologies to ensure the production of high-quality water. Their expertise in the field requires strict data security rules to avoid data breaches that could seriously affect their competitive advantage. Their main objective was to have an additional layer of security to protect confidential data and minimize data loss. The IT Manager, Alfonso Lopez, considered that portable storage devices represent a big threat to data since users were free to copy any information and leave the company premises.

Encryption of data on removable devices was another aspect that needed to be considered in their data protection strategy. Even if employees would be allowed for work purposes to copy files to USB devices, they should do this with previously authorized devices that hold encryption software.

The Solution

Endpoint Protector with Device Control and EasyLock, USB encryption software has been implemented on all Windows computers in the HPD®Evaporation and Crystallization division of Veolia Water. The testing period revealed that the functionalities fit their data security needs. On a scale from 1 to 5, Alfonso Lopez qualified Endpoint Protector with 4, as an average for ease of installation, granularity, functionalities, support and updates, ease of use, availability of staff when asking for support, and price. The highest point was assigned for ease of installation, due to the Virtual Appliance format.

In terms of functionalities, the possibility of authorizing only USB devices with data encryption scored points for Endpoint Protector.

Lopez was open to inform us about his organization’s priority in terms of future IT security plans. “As our next step in data security, we want to implement Content Aware Protection to monitor and block users from sending sensitive files by e-mail, Skype, Google Drive, etc., ” Lopez mentioned.

Why Endpoint Protector?
  • Blocks unauthorized file transfers
  • Controls removable devices that are connected to corporate computers, reducing data loss
  • Provides Enforced Encryption with EasyLock
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