Case Study
Samsung R&D Institute

Samsung Research and Development Institute Bangladesh (SRBD) is the first IT R&D hub of a multinational company in Bangladesh.

SRBD operation started in 2010 and was officially inaugurated in February 2011.

The Challenge

Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh searched for a DLP solution that helps manage insider threats and monitors employee activity related to data transfers.

They needed a tool that supports the compliance requirements of different data protection regulations, such as the GDPR. The company was also keen to add an additional layer of security to prevent data loss and data leaks.

The solution they were looking for would offer cross-platform protection for sensitive data. They needed a DLP tool that, besides Windows, supports Linux-based operating systems and comes with zero-day support for new macOS versions.

The ideal product for Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh is easy-to-use and comes with a user-friendly interface.

The Solution

Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh is using Endpoint Protector’s Device Control and Content Aware Protection modules.

The Device Control module helps SRBD monitor and control USB drives, smartphones, devices connecting through Bluetooth and serial ports, etc. For allowed devices, the company uses Endpoint Protector’s File tracing feature to track data transfers to and from devices. Another valuable feature of the solution is that it allows monitoring all printing and provides an overview of what data is printed and by whom.

With the Content Aware Protection module, Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh scans and protects data in motion with content inspection and contextual scanning. This module prevents data leakage and data loss through various exit points, including web browsers, email clients, and applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Skype, or Dropbox. It also allows controlling internet access and uploading facility.

For Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh, it was advantageous that Endpoint Protector offers cross-platform protection. The company chose our solution because, besides Windows, it can efficiently safeguard sensitive data on macOS and Linux-based operating systems. It also provides feature parity, meaning that macOS and Linx-running computers get the same level of protection as those running on Windows. What’s more, Endpoint Protector offers zero-day support for macOS, meaning that it is compatible with newly released macOS versions, and data protection can continue as usual.

Controlling PC peripherals and data transfers are Endpoint Protector’s most used features by Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh. According to the company, the easy deployment of the product and its user-friendliness are also among its strengths.

Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh rated Endpoint Protector’s features, granularity, staff availability when calling or asking for assistance, support, and updates as very good. The ease of installation and ease of use of the product was rated as excellent by the company.

Why Endpoint Protector?

Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh has chosen Endpoint Protector because of its cross-platform capabilities, including support for Linux-based operating systems and zero-day support for new macOS versions.

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