Case Study
F. Iniciativas

F. Iniciativas implemented Endpoint Protector to secure their customers’ sensitive information, and restrict certain data transfers.

Industry: Finance & Banking
Monitoring employee activity, restricting certain data transfers
Implementing the Virtual Appliance as it is flexible and easy scalable
Effective device control and content aware protection, increased granularity

F. Iniciativas works with their customers’ highly sensitive data, involving R&D projects. Through their methodology, they ensure security and confidentiality of information, among other benefits, so implementing Data Loss Prevention was a must for them.

Their challenge consisted in monitoring the employee activity regarding data transfer in a first phase. Then, according to the reports and employee’s activity, they wanted to restrict certain data transfers.


F. Iniciativas evaluated Endpoint Protector Data Loss Prevention and chose to implement the Virtual Appliance due to the flexibility and easy scalability it provides. With a fast growth, they wanted to make sure that future company expansions would be easily supported by Endpoint Protector and no user can take sensitive data out of the company. The Data Loss Prevention project was a continuation of the ISO/IEC 27001 implementation, as part of their data security strategy.

Endpoint Protector rating on a scale from 1 to 5 (one being “poor” and five being “excellent”), was 3.5 in average, with the highest points offered for features, granularity, availability of staff when calling or asking for assistance and prices. The IT Manager needed assistance at the beginning of the implementation to optimize the virtual appliance performance and he was satisfied with the Endpoint Protector Support Team intervention. As an Endpoint Protector customer since 2013, F. Iniciativas has constantly added more licenses to prevent data losses and thefts. F. Iniciativas can be seen as an example for other companies regarding DLP best practice.

Why Endpoint Protector?
  • Best match when it comes to features and price
  • Device Control and Content Aware Protection in the same solution
  • Increased granularity
We opted for Endpoint Protector DLP because it best fitted our requirements at a reasonable price. The Device Control and Content Aware Protection features were exactly what we needed.
Daniel Gómez
IT Manager F. Iniciativas
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