CoSoSys enhances Data Loss Prevention features for HIPAA compliance and introduces DLP for printers

Date: 18-Dec-2014
Language: English

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CoSoSys enhances Data Loss Prevention features for HIPAA compliance and introduces DLP for printers

CoSoSys updates Endpoint Protector 4 with features to help organizations protect healthcare data and prevent data breaches through printers

Cluj-Napoca, Romania (December 18, 2014) - In the face of numerous threats to data and increasing vulnerabilities in organizations, CoSoSys, award-winning developer of IT security solutions, makes a step further to prevent data loss and data theft with the announcement of a new release. Endpoint Protector 4, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, is updated to version to include HIPAA Content Aware Policies, offering an easier and more efficient way of preventing disclosure of Protected Health Information. Moreover, DLP policies now extend to local and network printers, so organizations can make sure no circumventions are possible.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a set of standards created to safeguard protected health information (PHI) by regulating healthcare providers. Organizations which fail to comply may be subject to hefty fines. Endpoint Protector 4 latest release includes HIPAA policies to help healthcare providers address the internal risks to data security determined by insiders' copying data to unauthorized storage devices, sending them to the cloud or various others exit points.

Endpoint Protector 4 HIPAA policies allow for an in depth scanning of documents before the transfer is made and blocking of the transfer in case documents contain sensitive information like FDA approved drugs, ICD-9 codes and diagnosis lexicon. It also extends to Personal Information, like Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and others. The policies can be applied for Windows and Mac OS X computers as well. Medical staff will no longer be able to take key data out of the protected network and, if necessary, permissions are given according to the required level of authorization. Staff can be controlled even if they try to Copy & Paste sensitive information, make a screen capture, or print it.

DLP for Printers is an additional feature developed in Endpoint Protector 4. It emerged as a response to customer feedback and regional regulations (e.g. Spain - Organic Law for Data Protection) that include special articles for printers. Companies falling under those regulations must make sure that only authorized people can print confidential data. With Endpoint Protector 4, businesses can now apply Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention filters for local and network printers. Filters include File Type, Predefined Content (Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, E-Mail addresses, etc.), and Custom Content (based on dictionaries). Currently DLP for printers is compatible with Windows computers.

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CoSoSys is specialized in network Device Control, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management for iOS and Android and development of applications for portable storage device encryption and enhancement. The application portfolio includes functions from device control, mobile device security, file tracing and shadowing, password security, data synchronization and network security. CoSoSys flagship product, Endpoint Protector 4 was named Data Loss Prevention solution of the Year at Computing Security Awards 2014 and it is certified with Common Criteria EAL2. CoSoSys distributes its products globally through distributors, resellers and directly to users at CoSoSys enjoys a continuously growing installation base of users worldwide and was recognized in 2011 as one of the fastest growing technology companies being a winner of the 2011 Deloitte Technology FAST 50 ranking for Central Europe. The company has offices in Germany, the United States and Romania.

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