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TrustedDevice™ Technology

Developed by our company, the TrustedDevices architecture stands as an innovative technology in the endpoint security space and it is designed to link data loss prevention at endpoints with encryption at device level in an effort to increase the strength of our endpoint security solutions.

The technology is designed to deal with the rise in unintentional employee error leading to data breach. We hear everyday stories about lost laptops or mobile storage devices exposing the financial, billing or account details of millions of people. Most of this data is in readable form because companies often overlook this aspect and rely on employees to handle the data security instead of providing means to assure that the data in motion travels encrypted at all times.

The TrustedDevices technology is integrated in both Endpoint Protector, our solution for data loss prevention, and EasyLock, the application featuring enterprise grade portable data encryption designed for tight data control at the device level. Thus, each organization implementing Endpoint Protector with TrustedDevices can achieve better device control and policy enforcement for data at endpoints and in the same time easily assure support for sensitive information dissemination inside and outside the company.
TrustedDevices offer the best security approach for such organizations or government bodies that require mobility and need to safely allow sensitive data to pass their network boundaries.

TrustedDevices feature support for most of the portable devices in use today and they are available in different Security Levels to fit every requirement:

Level Description
1 Minimum security for office and personal use with a focus on software based encryption for data security.
2 Medium security level with biometric data protection or advanced software based data encryption.
3 High security level with strong hardware based encryption that is mandatory for sensitive enterprise data protection for regulatory compliance such as SOX, HIPAA, GBLA, PIPED, Basel II, DPA, or PCI 95/46/EC.
4 Maximum security for military, government and even secret agencies use. Level 4 TrustedDevices include strong hardware based encryption for data protection and they are independently certified (e.g. FIPS 140). These devices have successfully undergone rigorous testing for software and hardware.

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IT Business Edge - Endpoint Protector Review
Touted as an all-in-one device offering that works straight out of the box without the need for complicated server setup, the device secures endpoints with just a few clicks of the mouse.


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Can the Endpoint Protector Client's icon be hidden from the system tray?
Yes. Endpoint Protector offers several functionality modes for users, clients and machines. In Stealth mode and Transparent mode the system tray icon is automatically hidden so the PC user will not be able to see that Endpoint Protector is installed on the used PC. For more information, please consult the User Manual.