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Under the increasing pressure of government regulators which are taking severe measures to ensure compliance, organizations from all verticals must react properly and consider not only dealing with inside or outside threats but also achieving appropriate compliance with regulations.

We are offering not only a comprehensive range of data leakage prevention solutions but also solutions and support in order to help businesses and organizations address the challenge of meeting regulatory compliance in order to maintain data confidentiality, protect intellectual property and personal data of their customers.

Our solutions enable organizations to control the device use at endpoints, manage and deploy user policies, and in the same time comply with those strict government regulations requirements while preserving their business processes and work flow.

While the matter of compliance is multifaceted we deliver easy to implement solutions that help you:

Deal with policy enforcement at all levels (within the internal network or outside)
Control what devices can be used within the company and block the unauthorized devices at endpoints
Support mobile workforce and protect data that passes the company boundaries
Run full audits of policy changes and updates, device use and user activity at endpoints

Our solutions can offer a high security level with strong hardware based encryption that is mandatory for sensitive enterprise data protection for regulatory compliance such as SOX, HIPAA, GBLA, PIPED, Basel II, DPA, or PCI 95/46/EC.

As an audit officer you acknowledge all those aspects and need not only robust software products to implement but solutions backed by continuous support services. On our side, we recognize this as well and we are prepared to support the security staff with the full security package designed for data leakage protection and compliance: software, solutions, and support. But don’t take even our word for granted, challenge us with your requirements now and start evaluating today!

Endpoint Protector helps compliance staffs stay ahead of the challenge of regulatory compliance in the business environment. We are focusing on delivering practical, easy to implement and manage data leakage prevention and regulatory compliance solutions.

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IT Business Edge - Endpoint Protector Review
Touted as an all-in-one device offering that works straight out of the box without the need for complicated server setup, the device secures endpoints with just a few clicks of the mouse.


The Endpoint Protector Hardware Appliance is an easy-to-use security solution that meets our expectations in full.
Director IT | CIO, ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH & Co KG