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A collection of relevant articles featuring news about CoSoSys (DLP | MDM | Encryption) or referencing our products: Endpoint Protector, My Endpoint Protector, EasyLock and others.








25-Jan-2016techproessentials.comENLack of Employee Education Means Insider Threats Won’t Stop in 2016
20-Jan-2016datakontext.comDEData Leakage Prevention ist der neue Virenschutz
19-Jan-2016channelbiz.esESAryan distribuirá las soluciones de seguridad de CoSoSys
12-Jan-2016clomedia.comENTo Stop Data Breaches, Prioritize Employee Education
11-Jan-2016itproportal.comENEmployee education: Why the non-malicious insider is quickly becoming a huge threat
07-Jan-2016etnews.comKR보안장비 한 대로 35개 디바이스 제어 내부정보 유출방지모바일 동시 관리 wary of wearables
20-Nov-2015information-age.comENTop tips on creating an enterprise risk strategy for wearables
12-Nov-2015teletrust.deDEEndpoint Protector beim TeleTrusT-Innovationspreis 2015 nominiert
06-Nov-2015crn.deDEEndpoint Protector sucht Partner für Enterprise-Kunden
28-Oct-2015govtech.comEN2 Essential Strategies to Protect Against Data Breaches (Industry Perspective)
25-Oct-2015venturebeat.comENThe coming of the eSIM
09-Oct-2015siliconangle.comENBefore wearables thrive in enterprise, consider these cultural and security issues
02-Oct-2015it-zoom.deDEKein Datendiebstahl über Thin-Clients
27-Sep-2015resellerme.comENCoSoSys to showcase Endpoint Protector at GITEX in move to secure Macs
24-Sep-2015computerweekly.comENMobile strategies increase need for data loss prevention technology in Europe
02-Sep-2015security-insider.deDEData Loss Prevention auf dem Thin Client IT – hassle and bliss for IT departments
22-Jul-2015siliconangle.comENMac sales up despite declining PC market as iPad sales hit four-year low
20-Jul-2015gcn.comENPreventing data breaches from becoming data disasters
13-Jul-2015itp.netENEmt signed as CoSoSys VAD in Middle East
09-Jun-2015net-security.orgEN90% of DLP violations occur in cloud storage apps
08-Jun-2015net-security.orgENEndpoint Protector gets integration with cloud storage apps 3 data security threats
06-May-2015net-security.orgENThe importance of data loss prevention for OS X
23-Apr-2015fiercemobileit.comENCoSoSys combines MDM and iBeacons for location-based mobile device policy enforcement
22-Apr-2015channelnomics.euENRevealed: Europe's best security vendors
17-Apr-2015businesswire.comENTrusted Computing Group Members - RSA Conference 2015
16-Apr-2015esecurityplanet.comEN10 Trickiest Mobile Security Threats
08-Apr-2015hacksurfer.comEN10 Cybercrime Infographics From March 2015外媒:Apple Watch应用程序或成为潜在的安全漏洞
19-Mar-2015technewsworld.comENHow Secure Is the Apple Watch?
19-Mar-2015bsminfo.comENCan Geofencing Help Make Mobile Devices More Secure?
10-Mar-2015eweek.comENAndroid 5.1 Gains Business-Friendly Device Protection Feature
10-Mar-2015androidheadlines.comENCoSoSys: Android 5.1 ‘Device Protection’ Feature Will Further Help To “Increase its Footprint” In Enterprise Market
03-Mar-2015csoonline.comENGeofencing could add security layer for mobile devices
09-Feb-2015idg.bgBGEndpoint Protector Basic
04-Feb-2015thirdcertainty.comENInattentive employees pose major insider threat
04-Feb-2015electronichealthreporter.comENHIPAA: Opportunity Rather than an Encumbrance
30-Jan-2015net-security.orgENHow to determine if insiders should be your primary concern
27-Jan-2015itworldcanada.comENFive ways to counter insider threats
26-Jan-2015csoonline.comEN5 things you can do to limit your exposure to insider threats
18-Dec-2014wired.comENApple-ization Catches a New Wave
01-Dec-2014techradar.comENiOS 8: what it means for business
01-Dec-2014phoneia.comFRiOS 8: ce que cela signifie pour les entreprises
30-Nov-2014mobileenterprise.edgl.comENBest Practices for Data Loss Prevention
24-Nov-2014etnews.comKR[내부정보유출방지솔루션 특집]코소시스코리아
20-Nov-2014techproessentials.comENWhy Your Days of Fearing Data Loss in the Cloud are Over
14-Nov-2014androidheadlines.comENCoSoSys: Android Lollipop’s Encryption By Default Feature Ensures Android Devices Are Safer
27-Oct-2014ittrends.mdROStrategia ta de Prevenirea Furtului si Pierderii de Date este un punct forte sau o slabiciune?
08-Oct-2014ittrends.mdROControleaza-ti cele mai destepte dispozitive: Smartphone-urile si Tabletele – Mobile Device Management
01-Oct-2014ittrends.mdROPreia controlul in fata invaziei dispozitivelor USB – Device Control de la Endpoint Protector
30-Sep-2014ittrends.mdROProtejează-ți datele cu conținut confidențial – Content Aware Protection DLP de la Endpoint Protector
23-Sep-2014citeworld.comEN9 tips to protect your CRM data from malicious hackers
23-Sep-2014scmagazine.comENBadUSB: The unusual suspect
18-Sep-2014venturebeat.comENiOS 8 and iPhone 6: Businesses might not be quite as ready as their employees
12-Sep-2014foxnews.comENHas Apple done enough to fix celebrity photo leaks?
10-Aug-2014technologytell.comENCoSoSys updates My Endpoint Protector with cloud focus
06-Aug-2014thejournal.comENGiving Teachers Control of MDM
24-Jul-2014appleinsider.comENIBM began mass adoption of iOS prior to its exclusive partnership with Apple, Inc.
14-Jul-2014net-security.orgENEndpoint security myths and why they persist
04-Jul-2014net-security.orgENConnecting cloud storage services and cloud-based data loss prevention
25-Jun-2014appleinsider.comENGoogle's Sundar Pichai targets the enterprise with Android L, featuring Samsung Knox
20-Jun-2014itseccity.deDEVertrauliche Daten schützen
06-Jun-2014informationsecuritybuzz.comENWhy Data Loss Prevention is More of an Objective than a Data Security Solution for Most Companies
01-Jun-2014kellyservices.usENCyber Security for Your Team
16-May-2014darkreading.comEN'Apple Picking:' 5 Ways to Lose (& Retrieve) Mac Data
10-May-2014macnn.comENCoSoSys releases new version of Endpoint Protector 4 updates for CoSoSys Endpoint Protector 4 platform
01-May-2014insights.wired.comENData Data Everywhere: Are You the Biggest Security Risk of All?
29-Apr-2014net-security.orgENCoSoSys updates Endpoint Protector 4
14-Apr-2014technologytell.comENSeen @ Macworld: Endpoint Protector DLP and MDM solutions
07-Apr-2014techrepublic.comENEnforce Mac storage device encryption with Endpoint Protector 4
26-Mar-2014darkreading.comENNew USB Enforced Encryption Device for Mac OS
26-Mar-2014electronista.comENCoSoSys extends digital loss prevention tool for OS X, Windows, Mobile
25-Mar-2014informationsecuritybuzz.comEN5 Similarities Between Data Loss Prevention Solutions And Business Practicesルーマニア製のエンドポイント型DLPソフト、ジュピターテクノロジーが販売
21-Oct-2013cloudcomputing-insider.deDESicherheit aus der Cloud für mobile iOS- und Android-Geräte
17-Oct-2013beekn.netENUsing iBeacons to Disable Apps and Phone Features
02-Oct-2013all-about-security.deDECloud-basiertes Mobile Device Management (MDM)
02-Oct-2013comunic.roROCoSoSys a lansat soluția pentru Managementul Dispozitivelor Mobile bazată pe Cloud
02-Oct-2013ciol.comENCoSoSys unveils Cloud-based mobile device management
02-Oct-2013broadwayworld.comEN Cloud-based Mobile Device Management Released Today by CoSoSys for Simpler Access and Higher Flexibility loss threats on Macs
03-Aug-2013tmcnet.comENCoSoSys Brings Data Security Awareness via Comics
21-Jul-2013prmac.comENCoSoSys has released a series of comics on MDM and DLP
01-Jul-2013speicherguide.deDECososys mit Datenverlust-Prävention-Lösung für Mac OS X
26-Jun-2013darkreading.comENContent-Aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP) For Mac OS X Released Today By CoSoSys
28-May-2013computerweekly.comENEndpoint Protector is “Positively disrupting future MDM”
27-May-2013storagenewsletter.comENCoSoSys Rolls Out Apps Management Module for iOS Devices
23-May-2013universitybusiness.comENEndpoint Protector 4 Mobile Device Management solution incorporates mobile application management for iOS
23-May-2013ichmages.euDEMobile Application Management (MAM) für iOS mit Endpoint Protector 4
22-May-2013hstoday.usENEndpoint Protector 4 Mobile Device Management Solution Incorporates Mobile Application Management For IOS
22-May-2013tusmedios.esESLa solución Endpoint Protector 4 Mobile Device Management incorpora Mobile Application Management para iOS
22-May-2013mobile-news.roROCoSoSys a inclus functia de Management al Aplicatiilor Mobile pentru iOS
19-Feb-2013marketwatch.roROCoSoSys, in finala SC Awards Europe 2013 la categoria "Cea mai bună soluţie DLP"
19-Feb-2013clubitc.roROCoSoSys printre Finalişti de la SC Awards Europe 2013
16-Jan-2013zdnet.comEN'Active defense' benefits public sector more - Where Will It Take Us?
13-Dec-2012marketwatch.roROAdministratori IT, pregătiţi-vă pentru o creştere a fenomenului BYOD după sărbători!
13-Dec-2012security-daily.comENEndpoint Protector adds Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Capabilities for iOS and Android
12-Dec-2012varindia.comENKeep an eye on BYOD work-culture with CoSoSys' Endpoint Protector
25-Nov-2012prmac.comENCoSoSys Develops Distribution Partnership for South Korea with LG N-Sys
24-Nov-2012virtual-strategy.comENCoSoSys Develops Strategic Distribution Partnership for South Korea with LG N-Sys
22-Nov-2012marketwatch.roROCoSoSys dezvoltă un partneriat strategic de distribuție pentru Coreea de Sud cu LG N-Sys
21-Nov-2012clubitc.roROCoSoSys a încheiat un parteneriat cu LG N-Sys
13-Nov-2012campustechnology.comENCoSoSys Rolls Out Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android
13-Nov-2012thejournal.comENCoSoSys Rolls Out Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android
08-Nov-2012asturi.asESMobile Device Management de Endpoint Protector está ahora disponible para proteger Dispositivos Móviles iOS y Android
07-Nov-2012mobilebusiness.deDEEndpoint Protector schützt iOS- und Android-Geräte
06-Nov-2012computerworld.huHUA mobil eszközmenedzsmentre tette voksát a CoSoSys
06-Nov-2012net-security.orgENMobile Device Management for iOS and Android devices
06-Nov-2012all-about-security.deDEMobile Device Management für Endpoint Protector schützt iOS- und Android-Geräte
16-Oct-2012netprnews.comENCoSoSys Joins the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program
04-Oct-2012computerworld.huHUIT-biztonság: Mi van a buzzwordök mögött?
03-Oct-2012zdnet.comENDemystifying IT security buzzwords엔시스, 보안솔루션업체 코소시스 총판 계약
19-Sep-2012etnews.comKRLG엔시스, 코소시스와 보안 파트너십 체결엔시스, 내부 자료 보호 솔루션 총판 사업 시작
01-Jun-2012zdnetasia.comENInternet safe zone not 'bulletproof'
30-May-2012storagenewsletter.comENTo prevent data leaks to cloud - Endpoint Protector 4.1 adds Content Aware Protection
29-May-2012isle-news.comENSoftek announces Distribution Partnership with CoSoSys
21-May-2012searchsecurity.deDEData Loss Prevention für die Cloud
21-May-2012security-insider.deDEData Loss Prevention für die Cloud
16-May-2012toolinux.comFRCloud : Endpoint Protector ajoute la Protection de Contenu
10-Apr-2012thevarguy.comENEndpoint Protector 4 Adds Linux Support
03-Apr-2012all-about-security.deDESchutz für USB und andere Schnittstellen auf Ubuntu und openSUSE
27-Jan-2012macwelt.deDEEasyLock 2: Verschlüsselung für USB-Laufwerke
26-Jan-2012macnn.comENEasyLock v2 offers secure encryption on multiple platforms
25-Jan-2012all-about-security.deDEEasyLock 2 schützt sensible Daten unter Mac OS X, Windows und Linux
01-Jan-2012zdnet.comENCreative recruitment more effective for hiring security talent
01-Nov-2011zdnetasia.comEN5 things to note about iCloud security
31-Oct-2011itbusinessedge.comENReview of the CoSoSys Endpoint Protector Data Leakage Appliance
28-Oct-2011computerworld.huHUKiterjesztett eszközfelügyelet a CoSoSys-től
28-Oct-2011mactech.comENEndpoint Protector 4 ready for Lion
18-Oct-2011business-review.roENCoSoSys part of Deloitte Technology FAST 50 ranking for fastest growing tech businesses
07-Sep-2011engineerlive.comENIndustrial control systems need a new approach to IT security
28-Jul-2011s-ox.comENCoSoSys Has Bought Out The Company From Astaro/Sophos splits from owners Astaro, Sophos in MBO
21-Jul-2011bursa.roROCoSoSys redevine dezvoltator independent de software
06-May-2011crn.comENSophos To Acquire Astaro In Network Security Push
28-Jan-2011crn.comENAstaro Scoops Up Startup CoSoSys To Solidify Endpoint Security
28-Jan-2011business-standard.comENAstaro acquires CoSoSys, InspektOnline to further strengthen its market position upgrades tool designed to close Windows flaw
29-Oct-2010computerworld.huHUHardveres eszközfelügyelet és adatszivárgás-megelőzés appliance provides central device control
15-Sep-2010computerworld.huHUMagyar partnerre talált a CoSoSys
09-Aug-2010computerworld.huHUiPhone-ról menedzselt adatszivárgás-megelőzés
09-Aug-2010desaunay.comFRCoSoSys lance My Endpoint Protector App pour iPhone et iPad
05-Aug-2010clubitc.roROAplicatia My Endpoint Protector pentru iPhone şi iPad offers enterprise system protection via the iPad
05-Aug-2010macsimumnews.comENiPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Aug. 5 offers enterprise system protection via the iPad
23-Jun-2010itseccity.deDEKostenloser Schutz gegen Datenverlust und Diebstahl für Privatanwender provides free USB security for personal use provides free USB security for personal use Endpoint Protector Device Control is Now Available for Home Users Free of Charge
11-Jun-2010asahi.comJPアップタウン、CoSoSys社と共同でクラウド型 情報漏洩防止サービス『My エンドポイントプロテクタ』の提供を開始
21-Apr-2010fairplayforchildren.orgENLicense to Hope campaign powered by CoSoSys and the Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family
29-Jan-2010processor.comENCoSoSys Protects Your Valuable Information In The Age Of The Mobile Workforce
21-Jan-2010marketwatch.roROCoSoSys asigura protecţia sporită a datelor în timpul călătoriilor de afaceri
21-Jan-2010tmcnet.comENEnhanced on-the-road protection with new offline security features and Windows 2008 Server Support
19-Nov-2009mag-securs.comFREndpoint Protector 2009 trace son chemin sur le marché français
20-Oct-2009thomasnet.comENDevice Control Software supports latest Windows/Mac OSs
15-Oct-2009itwire.comENCoSoSys releases first fully compatible Device Control solution for Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard
15-Oct-2009macnn.comENEndpoint Protector 2009 update adds Snow Leopard support and also supports Windows 7
14-Oct-2009capital.roROPrima soluţie de securizare a dispozitivelor portabile compatibilă cu Windows 7
22-Jul-2009tmcnet.comENCoSoSys: New York's Astor Services For Children & Families Selects CoSoSys to Protect its Endpoints
22-Jul-2009security.itbusinessnet.comENNew York's Astor Services For Children & Families Selects CoSoSys to Protect its Endpoints
16-Jul-2009macsimumnews.comENCoSoSys releases My Endpoint Protector for the Mac
16-Jul-2009all-about-security.deDECoSoSys sichert USB, CD/DVD und Firewire Schnittstellen unter Mac OS X
14-Jul-2009crn.comENCoSoSys was named one of the 25 Coolest Emerging Vendors Of 2009 by CRN
08-Jul-2009saas-forum.netDE„My Endpoint Protector“: Service für individuell verfügbare und kostengünstige Endpunktsicherheit
01-Jul-2009techshout.comENCoSoSys unfurls new My Endpoint Protector Cloud computing service
30-Jun-2009itseccity.deDE"My Endpoint Protector": Service für individuell verfügbare und kostengünstige Endpunktsicherheit unveils endpoint protection web service
29-Jun-2009itpreport.comENCoSoSys Unveils Security Solution for Data Loss Prevention
29-Jun-2009arabianbusiness.comENCoSoSys introduces first web-based protection against threats posed by portable devices
26-Jun-2009searchsecurity.deDECloud-Service schützt vor Datenverlust über mobile Speichermedien
25-Jun-2009mag-securs.comFRLe premier produit pour le contrôle des dispositifs comme logiciel comme service (SaaS)
25-Jun-2009itmittelstand.deDESchnittstellensicherheit über das Internet
20-May-2009s-ox.comENEnhanced Data Protection to Keep Business Networks Safe
19-May-2009s-ox.comENCoSoSys Launches Educational Endpoint Security Comic Strip Series
15-May-2009news.webwweb.plPLEndpoint Protector 2009: ochrona sieci komputerowych przed utratą danych
18-Mar-2009darkreading.comENCoSoSys Upgrades Endpoint Protector 2009 DLP Offering
17-Mar-2009all-about-security.deDEEndpoint Protector 2009: Verbesserter Schutz für Unternehmensdaten
17-Mar-2009smtechnologie.comFREndpoint Protector 2009: Protection efficace des données pour la sécurité des compagnies
11-Mar-2009cnet.comENCoSoSys puts the fun back in security threats distributes USB security solution
27-Feb-2009arnnet.comENChillisoft brings in USB security with CoSoSys adopts CoSoSys security software
26-Feb-2009channeltimes.comENChillisoft to Distribute CoSoSys Products
28-Jan-2009agora.roROCoSoSys sustine eforturile educationale de Ziua Protectiei Datelor
28-Jan-2009xtrempc.roROCoSoSys sustine eforturile educationale de Ziua Protectiei Datelor
28-Jan-2009efinance.roROCoSoSys sustine eforturile educationale de Ziua Protectiei Datelor
28-Jan-2009myc.roROCoSoSys sustine eforturile educationale de Ziua Protectiei Datelor
22-Jan-2009scmagazineuk.comENCompanies warned over use of Netbooks colocam segurança das empresas em risco
13-Nov-2008bestsecuritytips.comENNew Endpoint Security for Linux Released by CoSoSys
12-Nov-2008enterpriser.inENCoSoSys Releases Endpoint Protector 2008
12-Nov-2008networkworldme.comENEndpoint Protector 2008 expands in the Linux world
11-Nov-2008tradingmarkets.comENCoSoSys: Endpoint Protector 2008 Expands its Reach in the Linux World
30-Oct-2008marketwatch.roROEndpoint Protector 2008 previne furtul de date
08-Oct-2008regulations-daily.comENProtect Critical Data Housed on Removable Storage Devices
08-Oct-2008s-ox.comENProtect Critical Data Housed on Removable Storage Devices
16-Sep-2008openpr.deDEMediaMit Kaiserslautern – Mit Sicherheit zu Ihrem Vorteil
27-Aug-2008pcwelt.deDETest: Philips SPE2015CC
18-Aug-2008mittelstandswiki.deDEUSB-Stick schützt Daten mit Passwort und AES
15-Aug-2008speicherguide.deDEVerbatim: Verschlüsselung und Passwortschutz im Stick
30-Jul-2008net-security.orgENSecurity for road warriors using Windows
07-Jul-2008speicherguide.deDEEndpoint Protector 2008 erzwingt USB-Verschlüsselung
27-Jun-2008processor.comENCoSoSys Protects Client Workstations
19-Jun-2008heise.deDEHosentaschen-Büro: Anwendungen auf dem USB-Stick direkt nutzen
04-Jun-2008it-business.deDECososys verhindert Datendiebstahl durch Mitarbeiter
04-Jun-2008networkcomputing.deDECososys erzwingt Verschlüsselung für USB-Speicher
03-Jun-2008all-about-security.deDECoSoSys schützt USB Datenspeicher mittels forcierter Verschlüsselung
03-Jun-2008searchsecurity.deDEFirmendaten durch erzwungene Verschlüsselung vor Missbrauch sicher
02-Jun-2008securitymanager.deDECoSoSys schützt USB Datenspeicher mittels forcierter Verschlüsselung
08-May-2008universitybusiness.comENLooking for higher-education technology products and services? Start here.
30-Apr-2008earthtimes.orgENVIPdesk Selects Secure it Easy to Protect Critical Data Housed on Removable Storage Devices
30-Apr-2008darkreading.comENVIPdesk Secures Storage Devices
22-Apr-2008computerwelt.atDEUSB-Stick mit Fingerabdruck-Scanner
22-Apr-2008itwire.comENSearchAmerica Chooses Endpoint Protector 2008 to Safely Handle Portable Storage Devices
18-Apr-2008computerwoche.deDECW-Test: USB-Speicher sichert Daten mit Fingerabdruck
28-Feb-2008s-ox.comENProtecting PC Endpoints Against Unauthorized Usage
19-Feb-2008epdonthenet.netENProtecting your endpoint
14-Feb-2008searchsecurity.deDEData Loss Prevention für Wireless-USB-Peripherie mit Endpoint Protector 2008
14-Feb-2008net-security.orgENEndpoint Protector 2008 addresses wireless USB security issues
14-Feb-2008wwpi.comENCoSoSys launches U.S. operations offering endpoint security solutions
13-Feb-2008ziuadecj.roROClujenii cuceresc Silicon Valley
12-Feb-2008zf.roROCoSoSys isi deschide birou in Silicon Valley
07-Feb-2008darkreading.comENCoSoSys Enters North American Market
04-Feb-2008informationweek.comENRomania Proving Popular As Software Outsourcing Destination
04-Jan-2008absolutegadget.comENA Flash drive fit for a secret agent launches Attache Optima
21-Dec-2007secretdesign.deDEtakeMS MEM-Drive BIOMETRIC Scanline 4GB
14-Dec-2007itseccity.deDEUniversität Freiburg schützt USB-Schnittstellen mit CoSoSys "Endpoint Protector"
03-Dec-2007all-about-security.deDEInstitute der Universität Freiburg schützen USB Schnittstellen mit CoSoSys Endpoint Protector
02-Dec-2007nzz.chDEDer Arbeitsplatz in der Hosentasche
30-Nov-2007securitymanager.deDEWirtschaftswissenschaftliche Institute der Universität Freiburg schützen USB Schnittstellen
27-Nov-2007pressebox.deDEPNY Attaché(tm) OPTIMA: Design, Leistung und ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit
15-Nov-2007hardware-experten.deDEIm Test - takeMS MEM-Drive Biometric Scanline
10-Nov-2007prflash.deDESpeicherstick und Softwaretool in einem: Verbatim Store 'n' Go mit "Carry it Easy +Plus" von CoSoSys
30-Oct-2007technosium.comENCoSoSys named Finalist for 2008 Hot Companies Awards STORE'N'GO Review
26-Oct-2007media-planet.orgDEUSB-Firewall-Software: Secure it Easy
15-Oct-2007online-computermagazin.comDESecure it Easy, Testbericht: takeMS MEM-Drive Firewall
05-Oct-2007computerwoche.deDECW-Test: MEM-Drive Firewall mit eingebauter Sicherheit
19-Sep-2007itsecurityportal.comENStuffBak and CoSoSys partner to keep information safe on lost flash drives
11-Sep-2007pressebox.deDEVertrauen ist gut – Gewissheit ist besser
22-Aug-2007pressebox.deDESpeicherstick und Softwaretool in einem: Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB-Stick mit Software-Vollversion "Carry it Easy +Plus" von CoSoSys
22-Aug-2007zdnet.deDEVerbatim bringt USB-Stick mit Sicherheitssoftware
06-Aug-2007pcgameshardware.deDEtakeMS Mem-Drive Firewall
01-Aug-2007hardware-experten.deDEIm Test - 1GB takeMS MEM-Drive USB 2.0 Firewall
20-Jul-2007guenstiger.deDESharkoon Flexi-Drive EC4: Speicherstick mit bis zu acht Gigabyte
20-Jul-2007digital-world.deDEUSB-Sticks mit Sicherheitspaket
19-Jul-2007pressebox.deDESharkoon Flexi-Drive EC4
19-Jul-2007hartware.deDESharkoon Flexi-Drive EC4
26-May-2007rexware.frFR[TEST] takeMS MEM Drive Firewall
26-May-2007generation-nt.comFRPNY, pionnier de Windows ReadyBoost pour ses clés USB
24-May-2007modding-scene.deDEtakeMS USB Speicherstick mit Secure It Easy range of Flash drives available from Comsol
16-May-2007e-finanzportal.deDEDesktop auf dem USB-Stick
10-May-2007chip.roROSECURE IT EASY 1.1.6
23-Apr-2007supportnet.deDESecure it Easy: USB Firewall Software für Vista
23-Apr-2007openpr.deDESecure it Easy™ ist als erste USB Firewall Software für Windows Vista erhältlich it Easy +Plus wins PC Pro Recommendation for favorite Synchronization Software flash drive keeps data safe
10-Apr-2007universitybusiness.comENSlideshows Simplified
02-Apr-2007letsgodigital.orgENATP ToughDrive mini USB drive
20-Mar-2007minitechnet.deDECeBIT 2007 live... das große Messe-Special
15-Mar-2007reinhard-linnemann.deDEUSB and die Kette
13-Mar-2007pcmag.comENSecure it Easy
13-Mar-2007getusb.infoENATP USB mini ToughDrive and CoSoSys Team Up
02-Mar-2007computerpartner.deDEWindows Vista: USB-Zugriff reguliert
22-Feb-2007tomsnetworking.deDEUSB-Firewall-Software Secure it Easy für Windows Vista
22-Feb-2007shutterbug.comENEasy SlideShow Turns Your Favorite Pictures into a Movie
22-Feb-2007eweek.comENUSB Firewall Software Seeks to Prevent Insider Data Breaches
22-Feb-2007securitymanager.deDESecure it Easy™ ist als erste USB Firewall Software für Windows Vista erhältlich
22-Feb-2007crn.deDEFreecom Technologies: Mehr als Speicher
22-Feb-2007xpc.roROSecure it Easy™, prima solutie USB-Firewall disponibila pentru Windows Vista 
22-Feb-2007agora.roROSecure it Easy, solutie USB-Firewall disponibila pentru Windows Vista 
22-Feb-2007getusb.infoENFirst USB Firewall Secure It Easy by CoSoSys - Bring It On! blocks unauthorised USB drives releases USB security tool blocks unauthorised USB drives 
21-Feb-2007everythingusb.comENSecure it Easy, First 'USB Firewall' for Vista 
07-Feb-2007cybernews.tio.chITIT: S3+ Techonologies, software Carry it Easy +Plus preinstallato su chiavette USB 
31-Jan-2007photopresse.deDEEasy SlideShow veröffentlicht
24-Jan-2007computerpartner.deDEDie drei besten USB-Sticks im Überblick 
23-Jan-2007pcwelt.deDETest der Woche: Die 10 besten USB-Sticks 
31-Dec-2006dpa-themendienst.deDEBüro zum Mitnehmen - U3 bringt Desktop auf den USB-Stick 
30-Dec-2006getusb.infoENEasy SlideShow Your Grandmother Could Put Together 
28-Dec-2006hardtecs4u.comDEtakeMS MemDrive 2.0 Mini 1 GB 
26-Dec-2006gadgetreporter.comENEasy SlideShow Your Grandmother Could Put Together 
08-Oct-2006abclocal.go.comENAccess Your Desktop With Smart USB 
24-Jul-2006redorbit.comENShowcase of New Services and Solutions 
17-Jul-2006openpr.comENCarry it Easy +Plus™ lets you synchronize your Outlook and take it with you everywhere 
30-Jun-2006itseccity.deDEOutlook zu synchronisieren und in der Hosentasche mitzutragen 
29-Jun-2006theitshield.comENCarry It Easy +Plus™ Lets You Synchronize Your Outlook And Take It With You Everywhere 
23-Jun-2006itreseller.comENCarry It Easy +Plus™ Lets You Synchronize Your Outlook And Take It With You Everywhere 
23-Jun-2006justloadit.comENCarry It Easy +Plus™ Lets You Synchronize Your Outlook And Take It With You Everywhere 
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