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A collection of relevant articles featuring news about CoSoSys (DLP | MDM | Encryption) or referencing our products: Endpoint Protector, My Endpoint Protector, EasyLock and others.








22-Aug-2016healthitoutcomes.comENHow Location-Based IT Could Re-Invent Healthcare Security
17-Aug-2016helpnetsecurity.comENOrganizations still unprepared for malicious insiders
12-Aug-2016healthitsecurity.comENHow Location-Based IT Could Re-invent Healthcare Security
09-Aug-2016crn.deDEVertrauen ist gut, eine DLP-Lösung ist besser
25-Jul-2016midrangemagazin.deDECososys-Verschlüsselungssoftware sichert tragbare Speichergeräte ab
21-Jul-2016computerwoche.deDEDer USB-Stick als Spionage-Tool
13-Jul-2016cpn-solutions.deDEMehr Sicherheit für Firmendaten mit DLP-Lösungen audit
07-Jul-2016linuxfoundation.orgENThe Linux Foundation Welcomes Open Source Experts in Security, Cloud and Mobile Technologies
01-Jul-2016lanline.deDEDatenverschlüsselung für USB-Sticks erzwingen
01-Jul-2016mittelstand-nachrichten.deDEDLP-Lösung Endpoint Protector mit Container-Verschlüsselung für tragbare Speichergeräte
30-Jun-2016it-administrator.deDEUSB-Kontrolle leicht gemacht
30-Jun-2016info-point-security.comDEContainer-Verschlüsselung - endlich sichere USB-Sticks
28-Jun-2016clubitc.roROConștientizarea importanței protecției datelor
22-Jun-2016aberdeenessentials.comENWorking on Thin Clients? Here’s How to Keep Your Data Safe
21-Jun-2016itproportal.comENUSB devices still represent a major security threat for enterprises
09-Jun-2016thomas-krenn.comDESicherheit braucht Endpoint-Schutz – und gute Hardware
06-Jun-2016sysbus.euDELinux-Version von Endpoint Protector
01-Jun-2016csoonline.comENSecurity concerns rising for Internet of Things devices
30-May-2016sectank.netDECoSoSys stellt Data Leakage Prevention für Linux Clients vor
27-May-2016it-administrator.deDEDLP unter Linux Data Leakage Prevention bei Mafilm
25-May-2016helpnetsecurity.comENThe next wave of smart Data Loss Prevention solutions
25-May-2016lanline.deDEUmfassende Data Leak Prevention auch für Linux
24-May-2016www.computerwoche.deDESag mir, wo die Daten sind
24-May-2016mittelstand-nachrichten.deDEDPL-Pioniere veröffentlichen Linux-Version von Endpoint Protector
24-May-2016pressebox.deDEDPL-Pioniere veröffentlichen Linux-Version von Endpoint Protector
24-May-2016business-echo.deDEDPL-Pioniere veröffentlichen Linux-Version von Endpoint Protector
23-May-2016scmagazine.comENAfter trio of hacks, SWIFT addresses information sharing concerns
06-May-2016digital4.bizITData loss prevention nell’era mobile: una sfida per la sicurezza IT europea
21-Apr-2016egovernment-computing.deDEBraucht Linux DLP?
21-Apr-2016ciodive.comENEndpoint Protector Adds Support for Slack to Prevent Sensitive Data Leaks
19-Apr-2016linux.comENCompanies That Support Linux: CoSoSys
15-Apr-2016security-insider.deDEBraucht Linux DLP?
15-Apr-2016itproportal.comENHow to get the most out of your security investment
12-Apr-2016helpnetsecurity.comENCybercriminals are adopting corporate best practices
29-Mar-2016thenextweb.comEN3 location-based technologies reinventing data security
28-Mar-2016globbpartner.comESAryan presentará Endpoint Protector para Linux en @asLAN 2016
22-Mar-2016anti-malware.ruRUОбзор CoSoSys Endpoint Protector 4
03-Mar-2016crn.comEN30 Cool New Security Products And Solutions Launched At RSA 2016
01-Mar-2016helpnetsecurity.comENEndpoint Protector: Fight data leakage on Linux workstations
01-Mar-2016networkworld.comENHot security products at RSA 2016
01-Mar-2016cio.comENHot security products at RSA 2016
29-Feb-2016itworldcanada.coENRSA 2016 preview: Encryption controversy, product announcements
29-Feb-2016cio.comENDoes Linux need a data loss prevention solution?
29-Feb-2016funkschau.deDEWie die Einführung von Data Leak Prevention gelingt
24-Feb-2016rbb-online.deDESchutz vor Datenklau mit Endpoint Protector (source: rbb) 
25-Jan-2016techproessentials.comENLack of Employee Education Means Insider Threats Won’t Stop in 2016
20-Jan-2016datakontext.comDEData Leakage Prevention ist der neue Virenschutz
19-Jan-2016channelbiz.esESAryan distribuirá las soluciones de seguridad de CoSoSys
12-Jan-2016clomedia.comENTo Stop Data Breaches, Prioritize Employee Education
11-Jan-2016itproportal.comENEmployee education: Why the non-malicious insider is quickly becoming a huge threat
07-Jan-2016etnews.comKR보안장비 한 대로 35개 디바이스 제어 내부정보 유출방지모바일 동시 관리 wary of wearables
20-Nov-2015information-age.comENTop tips on creating an enterprise risk strategy for wearables
12-Nov-2015teletrust.deDEEndpoint Protector beim TeleTrusT-Innovationspreis 2015 nominiert
06-Nov-2015crn.deDEEndpoint Protector sucht Partner für Enterprise-Kunden
28-Oct-2015govtech.comEN2 Essential Strategies to Protect Against Data Breaches (Industry Perspective)
25-Oct-2015venturebeat.comENThe coming of the eSIM
09-Oct-2015siliconangle.comENBefore wearables thrive in enterprise, consider these cultural and security issues
02-Oct-2015it-zoom.deDEKein Datendiebstahl über Thin-Clients
27-Sep-2015resellerme.comENCoSoSys to showcase Endpoint Protector at GITEX in move to secure Macs
24-Sep-2015computerweekly.comENMobile strategies increase need for data loss prevention technology in Europe
02-Sep-2015security-insider.deDEData Loss Prevention auf dem Thin Client IT – hassle and bliss for IT departments
22-Jul-2015siliconangle.comENMac sales up despite declining PC market as iPad sales hit four-year low
20-Jul-2015gcn.comENPreventing data breaches from becoming data disasters
13-Jul-2015itp.netENEmt signed as CoSoSys VAD in Middle East
09-Jun-2015net-security.orgEN90% of DLP violations occur in cloud storage apps
08-Jun-2015net-security.orgENEndpoint Protector gets integration with cloud storage apps 3 data security threats
06-May-2015net-security.orgENThe importance of data loss prevention for OS X
23-Apr-2015fiercemobileit.comENCoSoSys combines MDM and iBeacons for location-based mobile device policy enforcement
22-Apr-2015channelnomics.euENRevealed: Europe's best security vendors
17-Apr-2015businesswire.comENTrusted Computing Group Members - RSA Conference 2015
16-Apr-2015esecurityplanet.comEN10 Trickiest Mobile Security Threats
08-Apr-2015hacksurfer.comEN10 Cybercrime Infographics From March 2015外媒:Apple Watch应用程序或成为潜在的安全漏洞
19-Mar-2015technewsworld.comENHow Secure Is the Apple Watch?
19-Mar-2015bsminfo.comENCan Geofencing Help Make Mobile Devices More Secure?
10-Mar-2015eweek.comENAndroid 5.1 Gains Business-Friendly Device Protection Feature
10-Mar-2015androidheadlines.comENCoSoSys: Android 5.1 ‘Device Protection’ Feature Will Further Help To “Increase its Footprint” In Enterprise Market
03-Mar-2015csoonline.comENGeofencing could add security layer for mobile devices
09-Feb-2015idg.bgBGEndpoint Protector Basic
04-Feb-2015thirdcertainty.comENInattentive employees pose major insider threat
04-Feb-2015electronichealthreporter.comENHIPAA: Opportunity Rather than an Encumbrance
30-Jan-2015net-security.orgENHow to determine if insiders should be your primary concern
27-Jan-2015itworldcanada.comENFive ways to counter insider threats
26-Jan-2015csoonline.comEN5 things you can do to limit your exposure to insider threats
18-Dec-2014wired.comENApple-ization Catches a New Wave
01-Dec-2014techradar.comENiOS 8: what it means for business
01-Dec-2014phoneia.comFRiOS 8: ce que cela signifie pour les entreprises
30-Nov-2014mobileenterprise.edgl.comENBest Practices for Data Loss Prevention
24-Nov-2014etnews.comKR[내부정보유출방지솔루션 특집]코소시스코리아
20-Nov-2014techproessentials.comENWhy Your Days of Fearing Data Loss in the Cloud are Over
14-Nov-2014androidheadlines.comENCoSoSys: Android Lollipop’s Encryption By Default Feature Ensures Android Devices Are Safer
27-Oct-2014ittrends.mdROStrategia ta de Prevenirea Furtului si Pierderii de Date este un punct forte sau o slabiciune?
08-Oct-2014ittrends.mdROControleaza-ti cele mai destepte dispozitive: Smartphone-urile si Tabletele – Mobile Device Management
01-Oct-2014ittrends.mdROPreia controlul in fata invaziei dispozitivelor USB – Device Control de la Endpoint Protector
30-Sep-2014ittrends.mdROProtejează-ți datele cu conținut confidențial – Content Aware Protection DLP de la Endpoint Protector
23-Sep-2014citeworld.comEN9 tips to protect your CRM data from malicious hackers
23-Sep-2014scmagazine.comENBadUSB: The unusual suspect
18-Sep-2014venturebeat.comENiOS 8 and iPhone 6: Businesses might not be quite as ready as their employees
12-Sep-2014foxnews.comENHas Apple done enough to fix celebrity photo leaks?
10-Aug-2014technologytell.comENCoSoSys updates My Endpoint Protector with cloud focus
06-Aug-2014thejournal.comENGiving Teachers Control of MDM
24-Jul-2014appleinsider.comENIBM began mass adoption of iOS prior to its exclusive partnership with Apple, Inc.
14-Jul-2014net-security.orgENEndpoint security myths and why they persist
04-Jul-2014net-security.orgENConnecting cloud storage services and cloud-based data loss prevention
25-Jun-2014appleinsider.comENGoogle's Sundar Pichai targets the enterprise with Android L, featuring Samsung Knox
20-Jun-2014itseccity.deDEVertrauliche Daten schützen
06-Jun-2014informationsecuritybuzz.comENWhy Data Loss Prevention is More of an Objective than a Data Security Solution for Most Companies
01-Jun-2014kellyservices.usENCyber Security for Your Team
16-May-2014darkreading.comEN'Apple Picking:' 5 Ways to Lose (& Retrieve) Mac Data
10-May-2014macnn.comENCoSoSys releases new version of Endpoint Protector 4 updates for CoSoSys Endpoint Protector 4 platform
01-May-2014insights.wired.comENData Data Everywhere: Are You the Biggest Security Risk of All?
29-Apr-2014net-security.orgENCoSoSys updates Endpoint Protector 4
14-Apr-2014technologytell.comENSeen @ Macworld: Endpoint Protector DLP and MDM solutions
07-Apr-2014techrepublic.comENEnforce Mac storage device encryption with Endpoint Protector 4
26-Mar-2014darkreading.comENNew USB Enforced Encryption Device for Mac OS
26-Mar-2014electronista.comENCoSoSys extends digital loss prevention tool for OS X, Windows, Mobile
25-Mar-2014informationsecuritybuzz.comEN5 Similarities Between Data Loss Prevention Solutions And Business Practicesルーマニア製のエンドポイント型DLPソフト、ジュピターテクノロジーが販売
21-Oct-2013cloudcomputing-insider.deDESicherheit aus der Cloud für mobile iOS- und Android-Geräte
17-Oct-2013beekn.netENUsing iBeacons to Disable Apps and Phone Features
02-Oct-2013all-about-security.deDECloud-basiertes Mobile Device Management (MDM)
02-Oct-2013comunic.roROCoSoSys a lansat soluția pentru Managementul Dispozitivelor Mobile bazată pe Cloud
02-Oct-2013ciol.comENCoSoSys unveils Cloud-based mobile device management
02-Oct-2013broadwayworld.comEN Cloud-based Mobile Device Management Released Today by CoSoSys for Simpler Access and Higher Flexibility loss threats on Macs
03-Aug-2013tmcnet.comENCoSoSys Brings Data Security Awareness via Comics
21-Jul-2013prmac.comENCoSoSys has released a series of comics on MDM and DLP
01-Jul-2013speicherguide.deDECososys mit Datenverlust-Prävention-Lösung für Mac OS X
26-Jun-2013darkreading.comENContent-Aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP) For Mac OS X Released Today By CoSoSys
28-May-2013computerweekly.comENEndpoint Protector is “Positively disrupting future MDM”
27-May-2013storagenewsletter.comENCoSoSys Rolls Out Apps Management Module for iOS Devices
23-May-2013universitybusiness.comENEndpoint Protector 4 Mobile Device Management solution incorporates mobile application management for iOS
23-May-2013ichmages.euDEMobile Application Management (MAM) für iOS mit Endpoint Protector 4
22-May-2013hstoday.usENEndpoint Protector 4 Mobile Device Management Solution Incorporates Mobile Application Management For IOS
22-May-2013tusmedios.esESLa solución Endpoint Protector 4 Mobile Device Management incorpora Mobile Application Management para iOS
22-May-2013mobile-news.roROCoSoSys a inclus functia de Management al Aplicatiilor Mobile pentru iOS
19-Feb-2013marketwatch.roROCoSoSys, in finala SC Awards Europe 2013 la categoria "Cea mai bună soluţie DLP"
19-Feb-2013clubitc.roROCoSoSys printre Finalişti de la SC Awards Europe 2013
16-Jan-2013zdnet.comEN'Active defense' benefits public sector more - Where Will It Take Us?
13-Dec-2012marketwatch.roROAdministratori IT, pregătiţi-vă pentru o creştere a fenomenului BYOD după sărbători!
13-Dec-2012security-daily.comENEndpoint Protector adds Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Capabilities for iOS and Android
12-Dec-2012varindia.comENKeep an eye on BYOD work-culture with CoSoSys' Endpoint Protector
25-Nov-2012prmac.comENCoSoSys Develops Distribution Partnership for South Korea with LG N-Sys
24-Nov-2012virtual-strategy.comENCoSoSys Develops Strategic Distribution Partnership for South Korea with LG N-Sys
22-Nov-2012marketwatch.roROCoSoSys dezvoltă un partneriat strategic de distribuție pentru Coreea de Sud cu LG N-Sys
21-Nov-2012clubitc.roROCoSoSys a încheiat un parteneriat cu LG N-Sys
13-Nov-2012campustechnology.comENCoSoSys Rolls Out Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android
13-Nov-2012thejournal.comENCoSoSys Rolls Out Mobile Device Management for iOS and Android
08-Nov-2012asturi.asESMobile Device Management de Endpoint Protector está ahora disponible para proteger Dispositivos Móviles iOS y Android
07-Nov-2012mobilebusiness.deDEEndpoint Protector schützt iOS- und Android-Geräte
06-Nov-2012computerworld.huHUA mobil eszközmenedzsmentre tette voksát a CoSoSys
06-Nov-2012net-security.orgENMobile Device Management for iOS and Android devices
06-Nov-2012all-about-security.deDEMobile Device Management für Endpoint Protector schützt iOS- und Android-Geräte
16-Oct-2012netprnews.comENCoSoSys Joins the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program
04-Oct-2012computerworld.huHUIT-biztonság: Mi van a buzzwordök mögött?
03-Oct-2012zdnet.comENDemystifying IT security buzzwords엔시스, 보안솔루션업체 코소시스 총판 계약
19-Sep-2012etnews.comKRLG엔시스, 코소시스와 보안 파트너십 체결엔시스, 내부 자료 보호 솔루션 총판 사업 시작
01-Jun-2012zdnetasia.comENInternet safe zone not 'bulletproof'
30-May-2012storagenewsletter.comENTo prevent data leaks to cloud - Endpoint Protector 4.1 adds Content Aware Protection
29-May-2012isle-news.comENSoftek announces Distribution Partnership with CoSoSys
21-May-2012searchsecurity.deDEData Loss Prevention für die Cloud
21-May-2012security-insider.deDEData Loss Prevention für die Cloud
16-May-2012toolinux.comFRCloud : Endpoint Protector ajoute la Protection de Contenu
10-Apr-2012thevarguy.comENEndpoint Protector 4 Adds Linux Support
03-Apr-2012all-about-security.deDESchutz für USB und andere Schnittstellen auf Ubuntu und openSUSE
27-Jan-2012macwelt.deDEEasyLock 2: Verschlüsselung für USB-Laufwerke
26-Jan-2012macnn.comENEasyLock v2 offers secure encryption on multiple platforms
25-Jan-2012all-about-security.deDEEasyLock 2 schützt sensible Daten unter Mac OS X, Windows und Linux
01-Jan-2012zdnet.comENCreative recruitment more effective for hiring security talent
01-Nov-2011zdnetasia.comEN5 things to note about iCloud security
31-Oct-2011itbusinessedge.comENReview of the CoSoSys Endpoint Protector Data Leakage Appliance
28-Oct-2011computerworld.huHUKiterjesztett eszközfelügyelet a CoSoSys-től
28-Oct-2011mactech.comENEndpoint Protector 4 ready for Lion
18-Oct-2011business-review.roENCoSoSys part of Deloitte Technology FAST 50 ranking for fastest growing tech businesses
07-Sep-2011engineerlive.comENIndustrial control systems need a new approach to IT security
28-Jul-2011s-ox.comENCoSoSys Has Bought Out The Company From Astaro/Sophos splits from owners Astaro, Sophos in MBO
21-Jul-2011bursa.roROCoSoSys redevine dezvoltator independent de software
06-May-2011crn.comENSophos To Acquire Astaro In Network Security Push
28-Jan-2011crn.comENAstaro Scoops Up Startup CoSoSys To Solidify Endpoint Security
28-Jan-2011business-standard.comENAstaro acquires CoSoSys, InspektOnline to further strengthen its market position upgrades tool designed to close Windows flaw
29-Oct-2010computerworld.huHUHardveres eszközfelügyelet és adatszivárgás-megelőzés appliance provides central device control
15-Sep-2010computerworld.huHUMagyar partnerre talált a CoSoSys
09-Aug-2010computerworld.huHUiPhone-ról menedzselt adatszivárgás-megelőzés
09-Aug-2010desaunay.comFRCoSoSys lance My Endpoint Protector App pour iPhone et iPad
05-Aug-2010clubitc.roROAplicatia My Endpoint Protector pentru iPhone şi iPad offers enterprise system protection via the iPad
05-Aug-2010macsimumnews.comENiPhone/iPod/iPad apps for Aug. 5 offers enterprise system protection via the iPad
23-Jun-2010itseccity.deDEKostenloser Schutz gegen Datenverlust und Diebstahl für Privatanwender provides free USB security for personal use provides free USB security for personal use
11-Jun-2010asahi.comJPアップタウン、CoSoSys社と共同でクラウド型 情報漏洩防止サービス『My エンドポイントプロテクタ』の提供を開始
21-Apr-2010fairplayforchildren.orgENLicense to Hope campaign powered by CoSoSys and the Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family
29-Jan-2010processor.comENCoSoSys Protects Your Valuable Information In The Age Of The Mobile Workforce
21-Jan-2010marketwatch.roROCoSoSys asigura protecţia sporită a datelor în timpul călătoriilor de afaceri
21-Jan-2010tmcnet.comENEnhanced on-the-road protection with new offline security features and Windows 2008 Server Support
19-Nov-2009mag-securs.comFREndpoint Protector 2009 trace son chemin sur le marché français
20-Oct-2009thomasnet.comENDevice Control Software supports latest Windows/Mac OSs
15-Oct-2009itwire.comENCoSoSys releases first fully compatible Device Control solution for Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard
15-Oct-2009macnn.comENEndpoint Protector 2009 update adds Snow Leopard support and also supports Windows 7
14-Oct-2009capital.roROPrima soluţie de securizare a dispozitivelor portabile compatibilă cu Windows 7
22-Jul-2009tmcnet.comENCoSoSys: New York's Astor Services For Children & Families Selects CoSoSys to Protect its Endpoints
22-Jul-2009security.itbusinessnet.comENNew York's Astor Services For Children & Families Selects CoSoSys to Protect its Endpoints
16-Jul-2009macsimumnews.comENCoSoSys releases My Endpoint Protector for the Mac
16-Jul-2009all-about-security.deDECoSoSys sichert USB, CD/DVD und Firewire Schnittstellen unter Mac OS X
14-Jul-2009crn.comENCoSoSys was named one of the 25 Coolest Emerging Vendors Of 2009 by CRN
08-Jul-2009saas-forum.netDE„My Endpoint Protector“: Service für individuell verfügbare und kostengünstige Endpunktsicherheit
01-Jul-2009techshout.comENCoSoSys unfurls new My Endpoint Protector Cloud computing service
30-Jun-2009itseccity.deDE"My Endpoint Protector": Service für individuell verfügbare und kostengünstige Endpunktsicherheit unveils endpoint protection web service
29-Jun-2009itpreport.comENCoSoSys Unveils Security Solution for Data Loss Prevention
29-Jun-2009arabianbusiness.comENCoSoSys introduces first web-based protection against threats posed by portable devices
26-Jun-2009searchsecurity.deDECloud-Service schützt vor Datenverlust über mobile Speichermedien
25-Jun-2009mag-securs.comFRLe premier produit pour le contrôle des dispositifs comme logiciel comme service (SaaS)
25-Jun-2009itmittelstand.deDESchnittstellensicherheit über das Internet
20-May-2009s-ox.comENEnhanced Data Protection to Keep Business Networks Safe
19-May-2009s-ox.comENCoSoSys Launches Educational Endpoint Security Comic Strip Series
15-May-2009news.webwweb.plPLEndpoint Protector 2009: ochrona sieci komputerowych przed utratą danych
18-Mar-2009darkreading.comENCoSoSys Upgrades Endpoint Protector 2009 DLP Offering
17-Mar-2009all-about-security.deDEEndpoint Protector 2009: Verbesserter Schutz für Unternehmensdaten
17-Mar-2009smtechnologie.comFREndpoint Protector 2009: Protection efficace des données pour la sécurité des compagnies
11-Mar-2009cnet.comENCoSoSys puts the fun back in security threats distributes USB security solution
27-Feb-2009arnnet.comENChillisoft brings in USB security with CoSoSys adopts CoSoSys security software
26-Feb-2009channeltimes.comENChillisoft to Distribute CoSoSys Products
28-Jan-2009agora.roROCoSoSys sustine eforturile educationale de Ziua Protectiei Datelor
28-Jan-2009xtrempc.roROCoSoSys sustine eforturile educationale de Ziua Protectiei Datelor
28-Jan-2009efinance.roROCoSoSys sustine eforturile educationale de Ziua Protectiei Datelor
28-Jan-2009myc.roROCoSoSys sustine eforturile educationale de Ziua Protectiei Datelor
22-Jan-2009scmagazineuk.comENCompanies warned over use of Netbooks colocam segurança das empresas em risco
13-Nov-2008bestsecuritytips.comENNew Endpoint Security for Linux Released by CoSoSys
12-Nov-2008enterpriser.inENCoSoSys Releases Endpoint Protector 2008
12-Nov-2008networkworldme.comENEndpoint Protector 2008 expands in the Linux world
11-Nov-2008tradingmarkets.comENCoSoSys: Endpoint Protector 2008 Expands its Reach in the Linux World
30-Oct-2008marketwatch.roROEndpoint Protector 2008 previne furtul de date
08-Oct-2008regulations-daily.comENProtect Critical Data Housed on Removable Storage Devices
08-Oct-2008s-ox.comENProtect Critical Data Housed on Removable Storage Devices
16-Sep-2008openpr.deDEMediaMit Kaiserslautern – Mit Sicherheit zu Ihrem Vorteil
27-Aug-2008pcwelt.deDETest: Philips SPE2015CC
18-Aug-2008mittelstandswiki.deDEUSB-Stick schützt Daten mit Passwort und AES
15-Aug-2008speicherguide.deDEVerbatim: Verschlüsselung und Passwortschutz im Stick
30-Jul-2008net-security.orgENSecurity for road warriors using Windows
07-Jul-2008speicherguide.deDEEndpoint Protector 2008 erzwingt USB-Verschlüsselung
27-Jun-2008processor.comENCoSoSys Protects Client Workstations
19-Jun-2008heise.deDEHosentaschen-Büro: Anwendungen auf dem USB-Stick direkt nutzen
04-Jun-2008it-business.deDECososys verhindert Datendiebstahl durch Mitarbeiter
04-Jun-2008networkcomputing.deDECososys erzwingt Verschlüsselung für USB-Speicher
03-Jun-2008all-about-security.deDECoSoSys schützt USB Datenspeicher mittels forcierter Verschlüsselung
03-Jun-2008searchsecurity.deDEFirmendaten durch erzwungene Verschlüsselung vor Missbrauch sicher
02-Jun-2008securitymanager.deDECoSoSys schützt USB Datenspeicher mittels forcierter Verschlüsselung
08-May-2008universitybusiness.comENLooking for higher-education technology products and services? Start here.
30-Apr-2008earthtimes.orgENVIPdesk Selects Secure it Easy to Protect Critical Data Housed on Removable Storage Devices
30-Apr-2008darkreading.comENVIPdesk Secures Storage Devices
22-Apr-2008computerwelt.atDEUSB-Stick mit Fingerabdruck-Scanner
22-Apr-2008itwire.comENSearchAmerica Chooses Endpoint Protector 2008 to Safely Handle Portable Storage Devices
18-Apr-2008computerwoche.deDECW-Test: USB-Speicher sichert Daten mit Fingerabdruck
28-Feb-2008s-ox.comENProtecting PC Endpoints Against Unauthorized Usage
19-Feb-2008epdonthenet.netENProtecting your endpoint
14-Feb-2008searchsecurity.deDEData Loss Prevention für Wireless-USB-Peripherie mit Endpoint Protector 2008
14-Feb-2008net-security.orgENEndpoint Protector 2008 addresses wireless USB security issues
14-Feb-2008wwpi.comENCoSoSys launches U.S. operations offering endpoint security solutions
13-Feb-2008ziuadecj.roROClujenii cuceresc Silicon Valley
12-Feb-2008zf.roROCoSoSys isi deschide birou in Silicon Valley
07-Feb-2008darkreading.comENCoSoSys Enters North American Market
04-Feb-2008informationweek.comENRomania Proving Popular As Software Outsourcing Destination launches Attache Optima
21-Dec-2007secretdesign.deDEtakeMS MEM-Drive BIOMETRIC Scanline 4GB
14-Dec-2007itseccity.deDEUniversität Freiburg schützt USB-Schnittstellen mit CoSoSys "Endpoint Protector"
03-Dec-2007all-about-security.deDEInstitute der Universität Freiburg schützen USB Schnittstellen mit CoSoSys Endpoint Protector
02-Dec-2007nzz.chDEDer Arbeitsplatz in der Hosentasche
30-Nov-2007securitymanager.deDEWirtschaftswissenschaftliche Institute der Universität Freiburg schützen USB Schnittstellen
27-Nov-2007pressebox.deDEPNY Attaché(tm) OPTIMA: Design, Leistung und ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit
15-Nov-2007hardware-experten.deDEIm Test - takeMS MEM-Drive Biometric Scanline
10-Nov-2007prflash.deDESpeicherstick und Softwaretool in einem: Verbatim Store 'n' Go mit "Carry it Easy +Plus" von CoSoSys
30-Oct-2007technosium.comENCoSoSys named Finalist for 2008 Hot Companies Awards STORE'N'GO Review
26-Oct-2007media-planet.orgDEUSB-Firewall-Software: Secure it Easy
15-Oct-2007online-computermagazin.comDESecure it Easy, Testbericht: takeMS MEM-Drive Firewall
05-Oct-2007computerwoche.deDECW-Test: MEM-Drive Firewall mit eingebauter Sicherheit
19-Sep-2007itsecurityportal.comENStuffBak and CoSoSys partner to keep information safe on lost flash drives
11-Sep-2007pressebox.deDEVertrauen ist gut – Gewissheit ist besser
22-Aug-2007pressebox.deDESpeicherstick und Softwaretool in einem: Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB-Stick mit Software-Vollversion "Carry it Easy +Plus" von CoSoSys
22-Aug-2007zdnet.deDEVerbatim bringt USB-Stick mit Sicherheitssoftware
06-Aug-2007pcgameshardware.deDEtakeMS Mem-Drive Firewall
01-Aug-2007hardware-experten.deDEIm Test - 1GB takeMS MEM-Drive USB 2.0 Firewall
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