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How to deploy the Endpoint Protector Client using Jamf?

Those already taking advantage of Jamf to bring the Apple experience to businesses are familiar with the solution. The deployment process is straightforward. However, due to the certificate system and security measures within the Endpoint Protector Clients and the way Jamf manages the installation packages, the below steps can be followed to ensure an easy process:

  • Move the Endpoint Protector Client package folder to a clean machine.

  • Exit all other applications

  • Open Composer

  • Create a Composer snapshot using New + Modified

    • It is best practice to give the snapshot a name that reflects the version (i.e. EndpointProtector_v1.5.0.6)

    • The initial snapshot captures the environment prior to Endpoint Protector Client installation

    • Install the Endpoint Protector Client

    • The second snapshot captures changes (this is why it is essential to exit other applications at the step 2 mentioned above)

    • Note: Please ensure the PKG does not contain StagedExtensions and System folders. If they are present, please delete them, along with the audit folder located in private/var/. The certificate (i.e.: cert.213456.pem) located in private/etc/epp must also be deleted.

  • Package up snapshot as a PKG

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