Endpoint Protector Release History

Learn about the current and previous Endpoint Protector updates. Information regarding changes and enhancements is detailed in chronological order below.


Endpoint Protector 2009
(for Windows Server 2003)

Windows Installation Server Version: (32bit)
Client Version: (32bit)

Below is a list of new features and improvements to the previous versions.

Server Administration and Reporting Changes

  • Completely updated web-based Administration and Reporting Tool Interface.
  • Wizards for simplified Device Management have been introduced. Allows faster/more intuitive device rights management.
  • Endpoint Lockdown mode was introduced. One click instantly locks down all endpoints and stops ongoing data transfers and device use.
  • System Snapshots have been added to easily restore previous settings.
  • On / Off button for Endpoint Protector secured environment was introduced.
  • Multilingual Interface. (English, German, French, Romanian, Hungarian…)
  • E-Mail Alerts to notify the administrators of events have been improved.
  • Graphical Reports have been improved.
  • Overall functionality has been enhanced and additional functionality has been added such as advanced searches, filters, tooltips, etc...

Client Side Changes

  • File Whitelisting was introduced. Only previously authorized files can be copied on authorized USB devices.
  • Additional controllable Device Types have been added. (ExpressCard SSD, Printers, Bluetooth,…)
  • Improved Client Self Defense. Extended protection for Client Service to be stopped. Even users with Administrative privileges require a password to uninstall or stop Endpoint Protector Client.
  • Reduced memory and CPU usage.
  • Faster communication between client and server.

Installation Changes

  • Synchronization with Active Directory was added and the Active Directory Plug-in was generally improved (performance and functionality).
  • Endpoint Protector Client Deployment over Active Directory was added.
  • The Endpoint Protector Server routine for installation on the Windows 2003 Server Platform has been simplified and improved.
  • Installation of 3rd party software requirements (OpenSSL, etc.) has been simplified and improved through an extended assisted installer.
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