Endpoint Protector Release History

Learn about the current and previous Endpoint Protector updates. Information regarding changes and enhancements is detailed in chronological order below.


Endpoint Protector 2009

Mac Client Version:

Below is a list of new features and improvements to the previous versions.

MAC Client Side Changes

  • File Tracing support, which permits a clear detection of the write, delete and rename file operations
  • File Shadowing support, which allows a complete monitoring of all file write operations. All the modified files, with a size within a preestablished limit will be uploaded to the server
  • Enhancements to the Offline Temporary Password functionality - the use of the same offline temporary password is restricted to one time for security considerations and all the set rights are automatically removed when the Offline Temporary Password period expires
  • Increased maximum size for file upload up to 512 KiB
  • Added support for CD/DVD read-only permissions. If granted the "read-only" permission for CD/DVD devices, the Endpoint Protector Client will eject disks, which can be written to
  • Improvements to the installation process
  • Enhancements to the Client-Server communication time
  • Improved overall performance and stability
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