Endpoint Protector Release History

Learn about the current and previous Endpoint Protector updates. Information regarding changes and enhancements is detailed in chronological order below.


Introducing Endpoint Protector 4 Server


More efficient:

  • New feature added targeting large installations – the use of Departments as organization units
  • Live Update module added
  • Custom device categories for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

More stable:

  • Better communication between Client and Server
  • Easier to use and improved download/installation/registration processes
  • Mac and Windows Client Software packages rebranding
  • New validations included in the Client Installation Process

More secure:

  • Additional security passwords added
  • Improved password protection

More reliable

  • Enhanced rights/settings assignments to existing and newly created entities
  • More control over rights management
  • Proxy Settings support
  • More options for log file management
  • Improved File Shadowing, File Tracing, File Whitelist, Log Backup and Logs Reports features

More control:

  • Real time tracing of files copied with EasyLock 2
  • Offline File Tracing in combination with EasyLock 2
  • New events are logged now when activating the File Tracing feature
  • Improved information filtering
  • Better control over devices
  • More control over administrator deletion: prohibit self deletion and deletion of the last Super Administrator
  • Improved Alerts setting process

Easier to use:

  • Extra validations included when creating/editing new and existing entities
  • Extra confirmation messages for successful/ failed operations
  • User Interface enhancements: progress bars added when performing different operations, display of additional information for newly created entities
  • Enhanced Wizards
  • Customized display of modules and options for both administrators and normal users