Endpoint Protector Release History

Learn about the current and previous Endpoint Protector updates. Information regarding changes and enhancements is detailed in chronological order below.


Endpoint Protector 4 Appliance - Update



  • New Content Aware Protection module, which includes:
  • File Type Filters (e.g. Text Files, Word Files, Autocad Files, password protected archive files etc.)
  • Predefined Content Filters (e.g. credit card information, Personal Identifiable Information etc.)
  • Custom Content Filters (includes customized Content Aware Dictionaries)
  • Advanced content aware policies for sensitive data loss prevention
  • Enhanced inspection of all file transfers to removable media, file sharing applications or the Cloud (e.g. DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud etc.)
  • Monitoring of all e-mail attachments (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.)
  • Detailed inspection of all Microsoft Outlook e-mail content
  • Alerts for sensitive content incidents
  • New Clipboard Monitoring option – inspects, detects, reports and / or blocks all sensitive information transfered through Copy & Paste / Cut & Paste
  • New Disable Print Screen option – deactivates system’s Print Screen capabilities
  • New Live Update Server for an easier access to latest fixes and patches and for even easier updates and installations
  • New Licensing System with separate licenses for Device Control, Content Aware Protection and Support & Updates
  • New Appetizer Licensing mode offering free 1 year Device Control and Content Aware Protection for up to 10 computers
  • Enhanced UI - feature activation images
  • Updated Localizations / Languages
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