Endpoint Protector Release History

Learn about the current and previous Endpoint Protector updates. Information regarding changes and enhancements is detailed in chronological order below.


Endpoint Protector – Product Update


Endpoint Protector 4

Server Version:


  • The current version brings significant changes related to logs, reports and databases processing efficiency. This offers both a better user experience when dealing with policies, audits or reports for executives, as well as an increased scalability in large networks
  • A new log collection system was implemented, providing the option for new partitions to be created every 1,000,000 logs. This will allow older and newer logs to be in different databases, offering a better overview and management
  • The Alerts section has been condensed, allowing access to the history section directly from the same page
  • The Offline Temporary section has been redesigned, for an easier management. A justification box for the Admin has also been added, helping with a better overview and also auditing
  • The Custom Classes section has been simplified and the option to whitelist devices based on Serial Number range has been added. Moreover, the option to add bulk devices is also available
  • Additional Admin Roles are now available, including roles that provide access to only the Offline Temporary Password or the Report and Analysis section
  • System Policy page has been removed from the System Configuration section. This simplifies the menu as all settings are available in the Endpoint Rights and Endpoint Settings sections

Device Control

  • For Mac OS X, the Bluetooth Radio was added, extending the options of a granular management to also completely block the bluetooth port
  • A new device type called Chip Card Drive has been added and it includes devices such as access tokens
  • Allow all devices and Block all devices buttons have been added to the Endpoint Rights section, reducing the time needed to edit rights per Users, Computers, Groups or Globally

Content Aware Protection

  • The Content Aware Protection Threshold has been extended to also include Custom Dictionaries and Regular Expressions. Also, choosing between a Regular and a Global Threshold is now more user intuitive
  • Additional Turkish PIIs have been added to the Predefined Policies
  • The Predefined Content Filter Blacklist hierarchy has been improved
  • A HIPAA tab has been added into the Content Aware Protection Policy. Now, any settings in this section will automatically mark a Policy as a HIPAA Policy
  • The HIPAA documents have been updated, offering the option to include ICD-10 codes into a HIPAA Content Aware Policy
  • Support for FileZilla for Mac OS X, iMazing for Windows and Mac OS X, FrontMotion Firefox for Windows, WhatsApp for Windows and Mac OS X, Updated Flash Player and other applications was added
  • Additional file types are identified, including Pro-E CAD, accdb and mdb.

Network DLP Appliance

  • Please speak with your CoSoSys contact to setup your Endpoint Protector Network DLP Appliance

Windows Client Version:


  • Improved tampering protection
  • The Content Aware Protection Shadowing has been extended to also include file shadows for Clipboard

Bug fixes:

  • Sometimes, on Windows 10, when file transfers to USB devices were blocked, File Shadowing would occur for empty files. Fixed

Linux Client Version:


  • Udisk2 API for disk device manager has been added in order to better support newer Linux versions such as Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7 and above

Bug fixes:

  • Several small fixes have been made, enhancing the overall experience and continuing the constant improvements through the supported versions and distributions
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