Endpoint Protector Release History

Learn about the current and previous Endpoint Protector updates. Information regarding changes and enhancements is detailed in chronological order below.


Endpoint Protector 4 Appliance - Update


Endpoint Protector 4

Server Version:


Endpoint Protector Server

  • Visual improvements: General Dashboard, Endpoint Management Dashboard, CAP Dashboard, MDM Dashboard
  • Offline temporary password for disabling endpoint protection and content aware protection for individual Computers
  • Restore Global Settings/Rights feature (revert to the lower level settings or rights)
  • Group same events to one e-mail alert (based on fix time interval in which the same event occurs)
  • Client Download page supports multiple Linux client releases. Available Linux clients: Ubuntu 10.4+LTS - version 1.0.0-1, Ubuntu 12.4+LTS - version:1.0.3.-0 and OpenSUSE 11.4 - version 1.0.0-1
  • Effective Rights for device types and CAP
  • Improved logging and file size sorting

Content Aware Protection

  • Blocked print screen events are now logged in CAP reports
  • Improved logging for CAP reports
  • Show file size for content threat events

Mobile Device Management

  • New EPP client(v1.0.0.5) for Android devices
  • Support for iOS7 Restrictions, Cellular Payload
  • Support for iOS7 Supervised Devices-Restrictions, App Lock Payload
  • Bulk enrollment of devices
  • New MDM Alert events for SIM card change and carrier change
  • Camera control for Android devices

Bug fixes:

  • "Native" mail settings did not work, fixed

Windows Client Version:


Device Control

  • Added offline temporary password for computer
  • Disable “Enhanced Protected Mode” for Windows 8+ versions to allow the Internet Explorer plugin to run
  • Previously, if an offline temporary password expired, the device remained on "allow" as long as it was not removed (or the client/system was restarted). A routine check was added -> it checks for expired passwords and if an expired password is found a "refresh" of the device rights (or CAP settings) is performed

Content Aware Protection

  • Several personal information identifiers were added: Romanian CNP, French INSEE, Spanish NID, Austrian SSN, Swiss SSN, Canadian SSN, UK NIN (national insurance number), German insurance number (versicherungsnummer)
  • Added offline temporary password for CAP

Bug fixes:

  • The EPP client always saw the EPP server settings as changed causing the server to keep on sending settings to the client. This was caused because the EPP client failed to correctly save the current language to the registry when UAC was enabled
  • Some SCSI CD-ROM devices from Matshita were not detected, fixed
  • Some .ppt files were not detected, fixed
  • "RAID controller" devices that usually control internal disk drives are no longer controlled by the EPP client
  • The EPP client failed to identify the drive letters for system disks on RAID controllers. This could have caused an issue with the EPP client blocking and monitoring activity on *internal* eSATA system disks
  • It was possible to leave CD/DVD-ROM devices blocked after EPP service start or system restart, even if they had “allow access” right, fixed

Mac Client Version: (for MAC OS X: 10.5+)


  • Offline temporary password for computer and CAP
  • Several personal information identifiers were ported from Windows: Romanian CNP, French INSEE, Spanish NID, Austrian SSN, Swiss SSN, Canadian SSN, UK NIN (national insurance number), German insurance number (versicherungsnummer)
  • File tracing for network share
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