Enterprise Mobility Management for iOS, macOS and Android

Manage and secure mobile devices from one place
and build a framework for productivity and mobility.

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Trusted by companies of all sizes, from all industries. Fortune 500 companies, Universities, Governments, Banks, Media, and more.
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Trusted by companies of all sizes, from all industries. Fortune 500 companies, Universities, Governments, Banks, Media, and more.
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Information security in today’s business environment has crossed the borders of organizations' perimeter. Data is created, edited and manipulated by far more diverse work tools than the common computers. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have invaded the corporate space and have changed the way we work and collaborate. If we think only of the corporate e-mail and the way mobile workers use it to rapidly assist their customers / colleagues, instead of connecting to the company network, we see great changes in employees’ working style, as well as vulnerabilities to businesses’ critical data. But mobile devices involve companies’ data with more than just e-mail. Apps can also store business data and can bring malware into the companies’ networks; mobile devices’ memory can store big amounts of sensitive data, making the company vulnerable in case of the loss or theft of a device, etc.

Enterprise Mobility Management solutions support organizations in securely leveraging the benefits of mobility while securing critical business data and enforcing data protection measures on smartphones and tablets.

Enterprise Mobility Management suite for seamless
control of mobile devices

Mobile Device Management

Control, secure and locate the company or employee-owned business sensitive data. Endpoint Protector MDM solutions manage iOS and Android tablets and smartphones which are the most popular ones on a worldwide scale, as well as macOS computers .

Mobile Application Management

Easily discover what apps employees are using, eliminate the apps that represent a security risk and also push free, paid or enterprise apps to users' mobile devices. Optimize employees' work while making sure company data stored on mobile devices is secured.

Android Kiosk

Lockdown your smartphones or tablets into a single app, transforming them into dedicated devices and avoiding the purchase of expensive specialized hardware.

Cross-platform EMM Solutions

EMM solutions for iOS, macOS and Android


100% deployment flexibility

Our goal is to help you protect your company’s confidential data and ensure a safe working environment with mobile devices. If you are responsible for data security, Endpoint Protector Enterprise Mobility Management is essential to protect your business and your clients. The Endpoint Protector Solutions maintain the management of mobile devices easy for you and affordable for your company.

Hardware Appliance

The Endpoint Protector Hardware Appliance is suitable for organizations with more than 24 mobile devices. It comes with everything preinstalled and the choice of different models is available for any organization's needs.
Installation is not required. After pushing the power button, simply assign an IP in the local network and enroll your mobile devices or macOS computers.


Virtual Appliance

You can use the Virtual Appliance of Endpoint Protector for all business sizes. It is available in VMX, PVA, OVF, OVA, XVA and VHD formats to be compatible with the most popular virtualization tools.
Simply install the Appliance in a Virtual Environment, import the licenses and enroll your mobile devices. Enterprise Mobility Management policies are only a few clicks away.

Amazon Web Services

For those already taking advantages of Amazon Web Services, the Endpoint Protector Virtual Appliance can be provided as an EC2 Instance.

100% Cloud-Managed

Controlling mobile devices in the cloud is the best solution to centrally manage your smartphones, tablets, and macOS laptops without having to become an IT expert. This is possible with My Endpoint Protector. 

Responding to data security needs across various industries

When it comes to protecting sensitive data, each industry has unique requirements.
Whether compliance or use case driven, we have the experience to address your industry's data protection needs.