Data Loss Prevention SDK Technology for OEMs

CoSoSys offers a diverse range of award-winning and cross-platform data security, portable devices software. This enables partners to integrate great solutions in their products and bring them to market in a short time.

SDK Technologies offered

  • Data Loss Prevention – for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Device Control – Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Content Aware Protection – for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • USB Encryption – for Windows and Mac
  • Cross-platform Encryption – for Cloud Storage, Local Folders, and CDs & DVDs

Full Product OEM

CoSoSys offers its OEM Partners fully re-branded, co-branded or white label versions of the software. This can be seamlessly integrated with the OEM partners’ brand.

Data Loss Prevention SDK for macOS, Linux, and Windows

We provide a complete DLP solution that includes Enforced USB Encryption, Device Control, and Content Aware Prevention SDKs for macOS (supports OS X 10.5+), Linux, and Windows. Using our SDK, partners can enforce strong and extremely granular Data Loss Prevention Policies on macOS, Linux, and Windows endpoints. These solutions prevent data loss and data theft through many possible exit points, such as removable devices, web-browsers, e-mails, messengers, cloud storage, online applications, and much more.

Cross-platform Device Control SDK

For partners looking for a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) Device Control solution, our SDK provides the perfect way to safeguard mixed network endpoints. Our solution offers advanced granularity and control, allowing rights to be set per device, user, computer, and group or globally over the network. When it comes to managing USB and peripheral ports (USB sticks, memory cards, mp3 players, Bluetooth, etc.), our award-winning solution ensures all your needs are met and integration with your product goes smoothly.

Cross-platform USB Encryption SDK

The USB Encryption for Windows, macOS and Linux is available also as an SDK, providing an easy to use yet powerful password-based, military strength AES 256bits encryption.

Customization and integration

We support our partners in all aspects of customization, rebranding or integration of our solutions into our OEM partners' products and services.

Cross-platform Content Aware Protection SDK

The cross-platform Content Aware Protection solution as an SDK provides the tools to manage what data is allowed to exit the network. The module covers various exit points (USB sticks, e-mails, messengers, cloud storage, online applications, etc.) and allows setting filters based on keywords, file types, regex and more. When it comes to content filtering for Macs, our solution offers some of the most complex features on the market, giving your product a competitive advantage.

Cross-platform Encryption SDK

Partners looking to integrate cross-platform Encryption, our SDK provides 256bits encryption for cloud storage solutions, local folders (Windows and Mac) and optical drives (CDs & DVDs).
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