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Endpoint Protector Solutions Overview

Endpoint Protector™ offers today a unique value proposition in the endpoint security space. Best of breed anti data leakage technology combined with the flexibility of a powerful web based management console reduces the total cost of ownership, significantly decrease implementation time frame and data loss risk.

Benefits of implementing Endpoint Protector DLP Solution:

[bull]Businesses and institutions can better protect their IP & Confidential data in order to avoid financial losses and other damages to their business.
[bull]Organizations can control the data flow & data in motion minimizing the potential risks posed to their businesses by uncontrolled data leaks or data theft.
[bull]Businesses can achieve, faster and easily, regulatory compliance avoiding financial or other kind of penalties they can get if they do not comply with current regulations and data protection laws.

3 Pillars Architecture

The architecture of Endpoint Protector™ is composed of the following security layers:

[bull]Data Protection
[bull]Tracing & Shadowing

Data Protection

Endpoint Protector acts as a "membrane" around your network endpoints protecting against data leakage and implementing device control for a variety of devices, from USB Flash drives (normal Flash Drives, U3 and other Autorun Drives) and memory cards to Wireless USB, regular CD/DVD-Player/Burner (internal and external), iPods and external devices (HDDs / portable hard disks).

Controlled Device Types
USB Devices

USB Flash Drives (Normal USB Drives, U3, etc.)

Memory Cards (SD, MMC, CF, Smartcard, etc.)

CD/DVD-Player/Burner (internal and external)

external HDDs (incl. sATA HDDs)


Floppy Drives

Card Readers (internal and external)


WiFi Network Cards

Digital Cameras

iPhones / iPads / iPods

Smartphones / Blackberry / PDAs

FireWire Devices

MP3 Player / Media Player Devices

Biometric Devices

Bluetooth Devices

ZIP Drives

ExpressCard SSD

Wireless USB

Serial Port

Teensy Board

PCMCIA Storage Devices

Tracing & Shadowing

A thorough record of all information streams at the network's endpoints is essential to support audits of data flow and controlling the impact of data leakage. Endpoint Protector offers a powerful security layer for tracking files and data in motion along with the option to shadow files on a separate storage server for later review.

Encryption and TrustedDevices

The TrustedDevices technology is the third layer of security which, in addition to the device control at endpoints, enforces encryption for all the data transferred to mobile devices therefore certifying the protection of sensitive and confidential data in transit.

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IT Business Edge - Endpoint Protector Review
Touted as an all-in-one device offering that works straight out of the box without the need for complicated server setup, the device secures endpoints with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Secure it Easy gives us the ability to manage the controlled use of portable USB devices, external hard drives, FireWire devices, CD/ DVD-Readers/ Writers and many other potentially harmful endpoint devices, while also stopping malware, viruses and other unwanted data intrusions.
Dan Fontaine, VP of Technology, VIPdesk