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Enforced Encryption
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Enforced Encryption for Windows and Mac OS X

Enforced Encryption for Windows and Mac OS X

With accessibility and portability being an important part of our daily work, securing confidential data and transfers has shifted form a "nice to have" to a "must have". Data stored on computers, on cloud storage or on USB devices can get into the wrong hands and therefore needs to be protected. An easy to use, cross-platform encryption solution is the best way to ensure confidential data will not fall into the wrong hands due to unauthorized access, lost or stolen devices.

In today's business environment the mobile workforce, BYOD and ever increasing number of data losses and data thefts, enforced encryption represents an essential line of defense. The right solution can be an effective tool regardless of company size or operating systems (Windows or Mac OS X) and can be easily implemented in any environment, from home offices and small organizations to multinational corporations. Ensure compliance with various rules and regulations.

EasyLock Enforced Encryption in correlation with Endpoint Protector allows IT Administrator to extend their Device Control policy and make sure all confidential data transferred to USB storage devices is automatically encrypted. As a cross-platform solution, EasyLock can be used on both Mac OS X and Windows computers. Via a secured password, users can transfer confidential data securely and access it on any computers or only on authorized ones. Moreover, some additional useful features are available to the IT Administrator like remotely sending messages to the users, requesting a password change or changing it directly, resetting the device and wiping the confidential data in case the device is lost or stolen.

How it works for the user

Enforced Encryption for Windows and Mac OS X
Deploy the Device Control module from within Endpoint Protector
Enable the Enforced Encryption feature and EasyLock will be deployed to USB devices
Data is encrypted automatically when files are transferred to the USB storage devices
Data can be moved securely on other computers but safe in case the device is lost or stolen

How it works in the network

With the use of Endpoint Protector (a cross-platform Data Loss Prevention solution), a policy that allows only encrypted devices can be enforced throughout the network. When a user plugs in an unencrypted USB storage device, the Endpoint Protector client will automatically push the EasyLock encryption solution and launch it. Only by defining a password and logging into the application will the USB device be usable in the network.

Additional data security features like a very granular Device Control module or a powerful Content Aware Protection module are also available through the use of Endpoint Protector. Moreover, for Mac OS X, Enforced Encryption can also be remotely enabled through the built-in FileVault encryption.

Enforced Encryption Comic

Prevent Data Loss with Endpoint Protector Enforced Encryption

Enforced Encryption Video

How to use USB Enforced Encryption from Endpoint Protector 4 DLP suite

Main Features

Remote Wipe
The 256bit AES encryption is designed to safeguard the data in case the USB device is lost or stolen. Trying to tamper with the device will automatically wipe the data. However, for additional safety and ease of mind, the device can be remotely wiped by the administrator at any time.

Master Password
The password defined by users are not saved in any databases. However, if the situation calls for it and the administrator may need to have access to the data saved on users’ encrypted devices, the master password will allow for easy access.

Reset User Password
Based on the company’s internal procedure, passwords will need to be changed at regular intervals. The administrator can enforce the procedures or use the feature when the encrypted device is provided to a different employee

Site License
For large installations, a site license can be used. This will ensure that any newly connected device can automatically be encrypted and a license will be allocated without having to worry about additional costs.

Our Products:

Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector

On-premise Data Loss Prevention available as hardware or virtual appliance
  • Device Control (for Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Content Aware Protection (for Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Mobile Device Management (for Android and iOS)

My Endpoint Protector

My Endpoint Protector

Cloud-based Data Loss Prevention available anywhere, anytime
  • Device Control (for Windows and Mac)
  • Content Aware Protection (for Windows and Mac)
  • Mobile Device Management (for Android and iOS)

Password based, military strength AES 256 bits encryption
  • Enforced Encryption for USB removable storage devices
  • Encryption for Local Folders and Cloud storage solutions
  • Encryption for DVDs and CDs

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Endpoint Protector 4 wins the DLP Solution of the Year Award for the second year in a row at Computing Security Awards 2015Endpoint Protector 4 receives Common Criteria EAL2 Certification

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