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Use the optional Setup file for a complete configuration and registration of EasyLock on your portable storage device for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms at the same time. This setup makes it easier for you to register all three Versions (Win, Mac, Linux) at once.


USB Encryption
You have a USB stick full with pictures or other important personal data. What if one day you lose somehow your USB stick or it gets stolen? What if someone finds it? What if they find your information? Avoid this now by using EasyLock.

EasyLock creates an encrypted area on you USB flash drive. If you have private files and you are worried that somebody might access them if you lose your USB flash drive or portable hard drive, you can protect them by password based military strength AES 256 bits CBC-mode encryption with EasyLock. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux in order to secure the data on your USB device.

Designed for reliable security

Designed for reliable security

EasyLock is designed for safety out of the box and build with strong security techniques ready to match enterprise grade requirements.
For Windows, Mac and Linux

For Windows, Mac and Linux

Powerful cross platform encryption for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, that runs on any removable storage device.


Powerful security yet easy to use
EasyLock offers all you need to keep your data safe and sound while it is stored on a portable device. Fully portable, no admin rights, 256bit AES military strength data encryption. Use it on USB Flash Drives, portable HDDs or wherever you need to keep data safe.
Intuitive security without a hassle
Just drag & drop or copy / paste your data. Getting your data stored safely encrypted can't be more convenient than with EasyLock.
EasyLock Login
Transport data safely. Password retries
Your data is protected against hackers if they get your device in their hands. After entering a wrong password, the encrypted data will be safely erased.
On the fly cryptography / TrustedDevice
Data is encrypted and decrypted on the fly. EasyLock integrates also for enforced encryption with Endpoint Protector.
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