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Why did the MAC Address change after upgrading the Windows Endpoint Protector Client to version

Endpoint Protector brings several new features, improvements and bug fixes. The full list of the Release Notes can be found here.

Changes include additional Computer information like Main MAC Address and MAC Address List. This means that not just a MAC Address will be reported to the Endpoint Protector Server, but the entire lists of MAC Addresses, from LAN networks, to WiFi cards, USB external modems, etc. As such, a greater visibility regarding the endpoint is available.

With this new reprioritization and extra information, in some circumstances, the previous information displayed in the MAC Address filed may not match the information currently available in the Main MAC Address.

This could be particularly visible in scenarios when users are in a home office environment. If this situation occurs, the MAC Address will be listed in the MAC Address List.

This improvement provides a better network overview and, it provides the possibility to correlate the information within Endpoint Protector with the information from other solution in your network, such as Inventory Management, AV, Firewalls, etc.

Note: In some cases, a similar behavior where the Main IP information is reprioritized can occur. All IPs can be found in the IP List.
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