Carry it Easy +Plus Bio

Carry it Easy +Plus Bio protects all your data from unwanted access by using your unique fingerprint. You can save up to 10 different fingerprints to gain access to the data stored on your Biometric Flash Drive. If you lose your biometric storage device the finder can see your contact details but can't see your protected data.

Carry it Easy +Plus Bio also offers the No Trace Browsing function so all data related to Internet surfing (Cookies, Cache, History) is stored on the portable storage device and not on the used PC and it can be deleted afterward.

Carry it Easy +Plus Bio is only available pre-installed on your fingerprint flash drive.

Key Benefits
  • Biometric (Fingerprint) Data Protection
  • SafeLogin - web site auto login
  • Outlook synchronization
  • Includes all features of Carry it Easy +Plus
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Carry it Easy

Carry it Easy helps you take all your personal data wherever you want to go. Send and receive e-mails from any computer that has Outlook Express installed.

Have your internet bookmarks with you and access them from any computer, the regular way or with No Trace Browsing. Work anywhere you want and carry all your files with you with just a few clicks.

Your drive, your data. Carry it Easy helps you keep your information private with password protection.

Key Benefits
  • 128 bit AES Encryption
  • Portable Outlook Express
  • No Trace Browsing
  • Favorites synchronization
  • My Documents synchronization
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