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In today's heavily interconnected world every business, no matter the size, faces a multitude of overwhelming tasks like protecting against internal threats or outside malware along with the increase need to support mobile workforce, comply with strict regulations and manage effectively an ever growing amount of people, policies, data and devices.

With this comes the risk of inappropriate use of the data flow, either we talk about data at rest or data in motion. Keeping up with this challenges demands constant effort, best of breed solutions and continuous support from your security partner:

Prevent data leakage, theft or accidental loss
Meet regulatory compliance
Sustain the mobility of the workforce without penalties on productivity
Implementation and maintenance of a broad range of security policies
Control of peripheral devices use and endpoint security management
Protect sensitive and confidential data with multiple security layers
Fast reaction to unwanted exposure events affecting the control over sensitive data

The danger is real and there is always a human error into the equation as we can easily see from real life examples.

In 2006, the Japanese branch of one of the biggest restaurant chains in the world distributed thousands of MP3 players as a complimentary gift to its customers. Shortly afterward they discovered that the devices contained more than music - an invasive malware which was created to disable security solutions on user’s PCs, collect personal data and send it over to a remote location. In the space of only days had to recall the gifts offered and acknowledge the threat.

In 2007, an IT Manager involved into an investigation with authorities in London disclosed they were alerted of another malware dissemination technique based on social behaviors. USB memory devices were left abandoned in a car parking with the intent to infect the computers of anyone that tried to use them. The devices contained a malware specifically created to target ebanking activities.

Endpoint Protector helps organizations manage the risks associated with data handling and device use at endpoints in the business environment and outside. We are focusing on delivering practical, easy to implement and use data leakage prevention for any business type or size.

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