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Endpoint Protector Release History

Learn about the current and previous Endpoint Protector updates. Information regarding changes and enhancements is detailed in chronological order below.


Endpoint Protector – Product Update

Server Version
Windows Client:
Mac Client:
Linux Client:
EasyLock Client:

Endpoint Protector 5

Server Version:


  • The Settings sections (Global, Groups, Computers) have been redesigned, providing an improved usability by:
    • A better grouping of the Endpoint Protector Settings; more tool tips and additional information available for Administrators that are just starting to use Endpoint Protector.
    • The Outside Hours and Outside Network subsections have been improved based on the feedback received.
    • The Mandatory Offline Temporary Password Justification can now be turned ON and OFF. Additionally, the Justification (if ON), will also be included in the e-mail alert triggered by the Offline Temporary Password Used action.
    • The User edited information from the Endpoint Protector Notifier can now be turned ON and OFF.
    • Other small improvements.
  • The Transfer Limit feature has been added, providing the option to set a limit (number of files or files size) that can be transferred within a set time interval. Transfers through devices, online applications and network shares can be included or excluded from this limit.
  • As a result of the constant internal vulnerabilities audits, several security improvements have been made.
  • Continuing the performance and optimization improvements, the Database Backups and SIEM log cleaner are now better managed, reducing maintenance work.
  • The options to release licenses not seen online for 30 days and 60 days have been added (System Configuration > System Licensing > List of Licenses section).
  • The PDF content inspection mechanism has been updated.
  • Multiple small improvements to the Advanced Printer and MTP Scanning feature.

Bug fixes:

  • Active Directory fixes related to importing OUs that included multiple apostrophes characters in the naming or, linked to ignoring AD authentication when logging in.
  • In some cases, depending on specific internal network configurations, NTP synchronizations would not work as intended. Fixed.
  • Fixed the print screen restrictions that would not be disabled when Offline Temporary Passwords were used.

Device Control

  • An improved method of detecting and managing USB storage devices in Thin Client environments has been added.
  • The improvement also extends to managing EasyLock enforced encrypted devices in these environments.
  • The Network Share category is now also available for macOS.
  • A new right “Allow Access if TD1+, otherwise Read Only” is now available, allowing users to deploy enforce encryption only on needed devices.
  • The Department column has been added to the Lists of Users section.

Bug fixes:

  • Due to the recent changes on the Device Control section, for Already Existing Devices, when adding devices to a User, they would be duplicated on the Computer as well. Fixed.
  • Fixed the detection of some SCI adapter devices that were improperly detected as Card Reader Device (SCSI) instead of Serial ATA Controller devices.

Content Aware Protection

  • To further aid with GDPR compliance, predefined GDPR policies have been added.
  • The predefined policies option is now available also for Linux machines.
  • Additional File Types (PRT, SSD, BDF), PIIs (SWIFT codes, Bulgaria Tax ID, UK Driving License, Italian Driving License, German Driving License, German Passport, etc.), and applications (Viber, Zoom, etc.).
  • Improvements to reduce false positives on Macs for file transfers via Safari have been made.
  • Improved detection of certain PIIs, based on space characters delimitators (Korean, China, Macao and Hong-Kong Passports, German phone numbers, etc.).
  • The total number of Policies has been extended to 30.

Bug fixes:

  • While a clear pattern was not established, some Content Aware Policies have been found to generate performance issues. Optimization fixes have been made.


  • The Scan Location Blacklist has been added, allowing for scanning data at rest to be performed only on targeted locations.
  • Performance optimizations have been made for all eDiscovery Policies.

Enforced Encryption

  • Small UI improvements have been made
  • The option to customize and enforce Complex Passwords for both Users and the Admin Master Password has been added.

Windows Client Version:


  • Control of Intel webcams on Microsoft Surface laptops has been improved.

Bug fixes:

  • Although valid, Offline Temporary Passwords between a specific interval could not be redeemed. Fixed.

Mac Client Version:


  • Improved backwards compatibility for older OS versions when changing Read Only access rights, resulting in a better User experience.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Endpoint Protector Client deployment issues on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
  • Although valid, Offline Temporary Passwords between a specific interval could not be redeemed. Fixed.

EasyLock Enforced Encryption Client:


  • EasyLock now works also on APFS formatted devices.

Bug fixes:

  • For Macs, manual deployments of EasyLock would only work in specific situations. Fixed.