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Trusted by companies of all sizes, from all industries. Fortune 500 companies, Universities, Governments, Banks, Media, and more.
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Mobile devices based on iOS and Android are intensively used in today’s corporate environments, either owned by companies or by employees. While being used in order to improve work efficiency, they have also contributed to increased security threats.

You use an iPad at home for fun but in the office, it serves you as a way to be productive and communicate with customers and colleagues. And why not, in your break, you level up at your favorite game. The more mobile devices are in use, the more a security effort to keep company data protected is required. Endpoint Protector solutions for Mobile Device Management (MDM) enable a safe working environment.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) by Endpoint Protector comprises strong mobile security, mobile device and app management features in one simple and intuitive user interface for an easy control over company mobile devices. Through efficient over-the-air enrollment and provisioning processes, companies can gain full control over their mobile devices fleet in a matter of minutes.

One way or the other, IT administrators have to face the new data security threat vectors. Sensitive company data is no longer stored in protected networks, but residing on employees smartphones and tablets. iOS and Android mobile devices have spread and have been adopted in many corporate environments. While increasing work efficiency, mobile devices have become an easy target for those wanting a piece of the company data cake, enhancing the risks of data leakage, data loss, and data theft.

BYOD – Friend or Foe?

With the adoption of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model by many companies, more and more employees use their personal mobile devices for storing business information, from clients' contact details to internal reports and company e-mails. Therefore, the line between work and leisure gets more blurred day by day. Faced with an invasion of personal mobile devices within enterprise environments worldwide, the IT experts' main concern shifted from allowing personal devices to access the corporate network, to ensuring the security of the corporate data and at the same time maintaining the privacy of the employees.

How Mobile Device Management Works

Enroll company owned or employee owned mobile devices in MDM from Endpoint Protector
Enforce strong security policies remotely to protect sensitive company data
Push and monitor free and paid apps to mobile devices
Detect mobile device incidents and enforce remote date wipe or device lock in case of loss or theft

Main Benefits

Support productivity

Mobile devices have become indispensable for today’s workers. They help them easily communicate and perform tasks like sending e-mails, inputting data, making presentations, etc. While enforcing MDM to secure data, productivity is not affected because the employee can perform the same activities.

Centralized management

Having all mobile devices details in the same place and creating policies for more devices at a time simplifies the IT Admin’s job and eliminates the risk of data security incidents.

Have a backup plan in case of device loss or theft

Lost or stolen mobile devices are difficult to recover, especially if they end up in a malicious person's hands. There are not many options for businesses to make sure access to stored data is not forced, so remotely wiping the device is the most efficient and fast method to ensure critical data is not disclosed.

Add context to your MDM policies

With our geofencing feature, the IT Administrator can create location-based policies, so restrictions will be applied only in a defined perimeter. Geofencing is especially useful for employee-owned mobile devices for a less invasive control and to avoid complaints.