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Location and proximity detection technology.

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High-end technology to pinpoint micro-location
Use micro-location to enhance security policies
Add more context to your data security implementation

iBeacon™ can be used for many different purposes, from simply triggering advertising through apps installed on iOS devices to triggering security relevant events like disabling or enabling the camera or apps on your devices.

Making use of Mobile Device Management with iBeacon offers a wealth of possibilities. With advanced geofencing, similar to GPS, it is now possible to accurately pinpoint the location inside a building addressing security issues, productivity and users’ experience.

With Bluetooth LE, micro-location becomes a reality, opening new opportunities we have just begun to explore.

For a better understanding, here are a few examples:

iBeacon™ in Enterprise and Business environments

In today’s mobile world, with large amounts of confidential data, the threat of data loss is ever increasing and productivity is one of the factors that businesses are considering when it comes to implementing a security solution.

Switching off the mobile’s camera during a confidential presentation can be done instantly as employees enter the room and will be automatically switched on once they leave the area.

With an iBeacon placed at the door or a specific area of the office building, each employee can automatically receive wi-fi settings or have certain security restrictions based on the company's internal policy.

iBeacon™ in Healthcare

Another highly efficient use is to have patient charts automatically appear on an iPad as a doctor enters a hospital room.

It can also secure the surrounding environment and help stay compliant as the data can automatically be removed from the iPad once the doctor vacates the premises, leaving the patient’s confidential data within the hospital.

iBeacon™ in Education

When the teacher enters the classroom with an iBeacon in the pocket, all iPads are forced to allow access only to a textbook app and the Wikipedia website. Entering the library, the iOS mobile device is automatically switched to silent.

There are many other possibilities and advantages of using MDM with iBeacon.

For enterprise-ready and secure iBeacons management we recommend Onyx Beacon.

Feature Screenshot: manage iBeacons™ and GeoFences
manage iBeacons™ and GeoFences

How MDM Security with iBeacon Works

Define MDM policies for enrolled devices
Actions are triggered when in iBeacon™ range
Policies are enforced on mobile devices
All features are restored when area is left