Appetizer License

Free Data Loss Prevention for up to 5 computers and
Mobile Device Management for up to 5 iOS / Android devices.

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Data Protection for SMBs
Visibility into data transfers

Endpoint Protector or My Endpoint Protector with Appetizer Licenses offers enhanced Data Loss Prevention and Mobile Device Management for your small network with up to 5 computers (Windows) and 5 mobile devices (Android and iOS) to protect your organization against data theft, data leaks, and data loss. Here is the DLP security you need, served for free.

Totally free for personal or business use

Get Endpoint Protector or My Endpoint Protector with Appetizer Licenses today and have a taste of security in your network like big companies have with no costs and minimal effort to integrate.

"We want to make DLP, Device Control and Content Aware Protection easy for your business to digest. Therefore we offer your small network that level of security without too many financial or implementation efforts."
Roman Foeckl, CoSoSys CEO

What Data Protection Flavors, the Appetizer License includes:
  • Free Device Control (for 5 endpoints - Windows, macOS)
  • Free Content Aware Protection (for 5 endpoints - Windows, limitations: only three policies can be created; options for E-mail, Web Browsers, and Cloud Services/File Sharing monitoring are not enabled; Print Screen, Clipboard, Network Share, Thin Clients, Printers functions not enabled; Case Sensitive and Whole Words Only options from Custom Content Filter are not available)
  • Free eDiscovery (for 5 endpoints - Windows, limited, only three policies can be created)
  • Free Mobile Device Management for 5 iOS/Android mobile devices (limitations: MDM Policies are not enabled)
  • Management server as Virtual Appliance (only for Endpoint Protector)
  • Available as Virtual Appliance or hosted service, not Hardware Appliance
  • License is valid for 1 year with automatic renewal (limited non-transferable license)
  • License includes 1 year of updates with automatic renewal
  • License does not include support
  • License terms may change without prior notice

Appetizer License is served to:

  • Licensee has to be small business or registered professional (e.g. a Ltd. or a registered professional such as a law firm or architectural office)
  • Valid company e-mail address
  • Online activation of virtual appliance after setup in your network
  • Online self-enrollment of MDM services (e.g. Apple Push Notification Certificate requires valid Apple ID)

How Appetizer License Works

Download Endpoint Protector or create a free My Endpoint Protector account
Setup and run your Virtual Appliance (only for Endpoint Protector)
Activate the Appetizer License (only for Endpoint Protector)
Install the agent on 5 computers and / or 5 mobile devices

Main Benefits

DLP and MDM for SMBs

SMBs usually stay away from DLP or MDM solutions because they perceive them as complicated and expensive. With our Appetizer License, both DLP and MDM solutions are FREE and they are included in the same management console, so there is no need for complicated installations. 

Protection for business data and employees' records

The Appetizer License supports small offices to protect sensitive data like customers' data, financial records, marketing plans, intellectual property or employees' personal data against loss or theft. Data is one of the most important assets for companies of any size, but especially for small companies that do not have the resources to recover from potential image prejudices or other damages.

Minimized resource consumption

The Appetizer License in both Virtual Appliance and the cloud-based formats requires low resources, with the client software having a very low footprint and the server having options to customize the necessary storage capacity and the logs that it saves.

Compliance with industry regulations

With no cost, organizations can become compliant with industry regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX and others, by monitoring and stopping data transfers to online services and applications and to portable storage devices, as well as managing iOS and Android mobile devices.