Android Kiosk (App Lock)

Transform mobile devices into dedicated kiosks or devices with full control over apps.

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Trusted by companies of all sizes, from all industries. Fortune 500 companies, Universities, Governments, Banks, Media, and more.
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Endpoint Protector’s MDM module allows you to take advantage of the Samsung Kiosk policies for your tablets and smartphones. This will allow specifying that only a particular app or apps can be used on an Android device. Kiosk mode is useful for situations where the fleet of devices need to be locked down, remotely enforcing the Administrator’s exact specifications and nothing else.

This is a great solution for retail, manufacturing or education, where the devices are used by several people and theft and tampering are a real concern. The applications of such a solution span across pretty much all verticals, providing the desired results with a minimal investment and a great ROI.

The functionality brings a secure an affordable alternative for any type of business environment while improving both the employees’ and customers’ experience. In previous years, to implement kiosks, companies turned to small computers connected to touchscreens. However, with the recent trend of affordable tablets and mobile devices replacing desktops for various tasks, it is easy to see why kiosk-enabled mobile devices become more and more popular.

For a better understanding, here are a few examples:


In the past, in the US, restaurants and hospitality facilities preferred to focus on creating apps for different customer services. However, with thousands of apps for every occasion, it has become increasingly difficult to interact with customers. With Android kiosk, turning a tablet into an affordable electronic menu, feedback survey, tourist maps for customers or shopping and inventory list for staff opens up many possibilities. Locking the tablet into only a handful of applications ensures security and re-enforces the intended purpose of the device.

Android Kiosk for Information Terminals

In a world where people are used to having information at their fingertips, turning an Android device into an information terminal is a great way to interact. As everybody is used to working with smartphones and tablets, information can easily be accessed and kept up to date. Locking everything in the Kiosk mode will ensure it can only be used for the intended purposes.

Android Kiosk for Manufacturing Terminals

To stay competitive, manufacturing environments need to update the tools they use to incorporate new technologies. Turning an Android device into a dedicated device that can easily be updated and turned into virtually any other device needed in the future brings a great ROI.

Android Kiosk for Human Resources Terminals

When it comes to HR and internal procedures, there are many forms and requests that need to be processed on a regular basis. An Android HR terminal can provide employees with information, scheduling, and the resources they need constantly. At the same time, with a large amount of HR data that should not be accessed, security is maintained as users are locked out of features that should not be accessed.

Android Kiosk for Indoor Communications System
Indoor communications and signage systems are constantly changing: new messages, new visuals, new everything. The costs with new prints and replacement work easily justify deploying locked Android devices. Moreover, updating the content can be done instantly.
Android Kiosk for Airplanes and Transport
When it comes to an environment where carrying paperwork, paper maps, and other dedicated devices is particularly inconvenient, turning a tablet into a secure device that can make pilots’ lives easier is worth the effort. With emergency plans, flight routes and maps, access to company data and hundreds of apps, devices should only grant access to a few secure applications.

How Android Kiosk Works

Enroll the devices in the Endpoint Protector MDM server
Define and enable the Kiosk mode and restrictions. Push and silently update Kiosk apps
Transform mobile devices into dedicated kiosks with full control over apps