GDPR Essentials


This video offers a brief overview of what GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is and how it translates into actual measures for companies. Find out what type of data GDPR was designed to protect, who it applies to, what the first steps you should take to ensure compliance are and how Data Loss Prevention can help you realize them.


Hello, My name is Cristina and today will speak about GDPR Essentials.

DEU (General Data Protection Regulation) or GDPR for short is a regulation that is meant to strengthen and unify data protection for EU citizens. It is the most important change in data privacy regulation in Europe in the last 20 years making it a big statement about individuals’ private data. Contrary to many people believe, GDPR does not apply only to European-based companies. It also applies to EU and non-EU companies that collect and process European citizens' data.

But, how is the GDPR translate into actual measures for your organization? First of all, a company wild awareness campaign should be performed so decision-makers and other team players know what their next step should be. Use meetings, newsletters, or workshops to educate your employees. Secondly, don`t wait until the last minute to actually make the necessary changes. Start an audit immediately to identify what Personal Identifiable Information you collect and process, where it came from, where resides and who you share it with and you will get a clear image of your vulnerabilities. In all your actions make sure European citizens' private data is protected against loss, leakage or corruption, and that you are able to prove that consent has been obtained for that data. You must also be able to provide a copy of people`s private records in electronic format and delete their records upon request. Keep in mind that the GDPR only states that data privacy should be ensured with no specifics about the platform whether Windows, macOS or Linux and so on. Or the exit channels: email, file crowd sharing or removable devices and alike.

Therefore, for any data security tool, you choose to implement make sure it covers your entire infrastructure or endpoints: mobile devices and exit points. Solutions that tackle data loss prevention, data classification, encryption or mobile device management can help you restrict the transfer of private data and encrypt or delete it in case of device loss or theft, ensuring that no third party can access it. But take into account that in the end technology represents just a small part of why GDPR compliance entails. Read more details about GDPR in our whitepaper or check out our infographic for a brief overview, and if you are ready to start your journey to compliance check yo see how our solution can help you. You can find details in the video description.

Thank you for watching and see you next time.

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GDPR Essentials

This video offers a brief overview of what GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is and how it translates into actual measures for companies. Find out…

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