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How eDiscovery Works?

eDiscovery scans and identifies the confidential information in organizations’ endpoints and allows Administrators to take remediation actions like encrypting or deleting data at rest. It addresses both internal and external threats – unauthorized employees storing sensitive data on their computers and attackers which manage to bypass the network defense and try to get a hold of the company’s records

How Enforced Encryption Works?

Enforced Encryption allows IT Administrators to extend their Device Control policy and make sure all confidential data transferred to USB storage devices is automatically encrypted. The solution can be used on both macOS and Windows computers.

How Content Aware Protection Works?

Content-aware data loss prevention is a data loss-prevention measure that involves awareness of the context or content that is being protected. This module enables the dynamic application of policy based on the content and context at the time of an operation. These tools are used to address the risk of inadvertent or accidental leaks, or exposure of sensitive enterprise information outside authorised channels, using monitoring, filtering, blocking and remediation features.

How Device Control Works?

See how you can lockdown, control and monitor USB and peripheral ports to stop data theft and data loss. Our Device Control protects against data loss by monitoring and controlling data transfers from PCs to removable storage devices such as USB drives.

GDPR Essentials

This video offers a brief overview of what GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is and how it translates into actual measures for companies. Find out what type of data GDPR was designed to protect, who it applies to, what the first steps you should take to ensure compliance are and how Data Loss Prevention can help you realize them.

How Endpoint Protector DLP can secure your data on Linux endpoints

See how you can setup Data Loss Prevention policies on Linux endpoints, what exit points Endpoint Protector covers, and what type of sensitive data it can detect and block. This video explains how our DLP product can help you protect confidential business information and employees’ records against data breaches on Linux machines (various distributions like Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS, OpenSUSE), taking you step by step through the policies building. Stop users from uploading, sending, and copying/pasting confidential data from Linux workstations to the cloud, to online applications and to portable storage devices.

How to use USB Enforced Encryption from Endpoint Protector DLP suite

The cross-platform USB Flash Enforced Encryption is the module within Endpoint Protector Data Loss Prevention that boosts the security of data copied on USB storage devices through encryption. It will automatically push EasyLock, our AES 256 bits encryption, to connected USB devices if the Endpoint Protector agent is installed on the computer. Remote deployment of EasyLock along with the Site License simplify IT Administrators’ lives. The Enforced Encryption for Windows and Mac OS X represents an additional layer of security for data copied on USB portable storage devices, eliminating the threat of data loss or data theft while supporting employees in tasks continuity.

Setup a Content Aware Protection (CAP) Policy in Endpoint Protector

Learn how to setup a Content Aware Protection Policy in Endpoint Protector. Prevent confidential information from leaving the endpoint through USB and peripheral ports, printers, e-mails, instant messengers, cloud storage and other online applications. Through the Content Aware Protection module in Endpoint Protector, file transfer policies can be setup for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers. Filters can be created based on file extensions, predefined content (Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, etc.), custom content (create dictionaries based on keywords) or regular expressions.

How to set up rights in Endpoint Protector

In this tutorial, we walk you through and show you how to set up rights in Endpoint Protector. Get a quick insight into Device Rights, User Rights, Computer Rights, Group Rights and Global Rights. Device Control is an essential solution to prevent Data Losses and Data Leaks. Along with Content Aware Protection and Mobile Device Management (MDM), it is a key feature in every IT Security strategy.

How to use the Offline Temporary Password (OTP) feature in Endpoint Protector

Learn how to authorize the use of blocked devices (USB Flash Drives, CD/DVD, external HDDs, etc.) with the Offline Temporary Password (OTP) feature when computers are off the network. It works the same way for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS and Android with Endpoint Protector

Secure your mobile iOS and Android devices with Endpoint Protector Mobile Device Management (MDM) and keep a close eye on where devices are going with your sensitive enterprise data.

Content Aware Protection to prevent sensitive data leakage through all possible exit points

Content Aware Protection is a module in Endpoint Protector that offers detailed control over sensitive data leaving the company's network.

Endpoint Protector Virtual Appliance for Device Control and DLP

Our virtual appliance will protect your network endpoints against intentional data theft, data leakage and accidental data loss through portable devices.

Endpoint Protector Hardware Appliance for Device Control

Our appliance will protect your network endpoints against intentional data theft, data leakage and accidental data loss through portable devices.

Endpoint Protector for Device Control explained in plain English

With Endpoint Protector you have full control, manageability and transparency of what is happening with USB and peripheral ports on your Windows, Macs, and Linux computers.

Device Control, USB Lockdown, and Control for Mac OS X

Controlling the use of USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, SD Card Reader, Bluetooth, etc on your Mac is vital to protect your data.

Endpoint Protector Basic - Data Protection for Small Offices or Home Use

Manage and control the use of portable devices with Endpoint Protector Basic, the perfect stand-alone solution for Windows and Mac.

EasyLock - Cross-platform encryption for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

Strong military-grade encryption algorithms and an intuitive drag and drop interface, helping anyone turn any portable storage device into a data safe.

My Endpoint Protector explained in plain English - DLP | MDM

Manage portable storage devices, control what data is leaving your network through emails, messengers and other cloud applications and even manage the mobile device fleet. With My Endpoint Protector, a cloud-based, cross-platform Data Loss Prevention and Mobile Device Management you can stay clear of today’s data security threats. Create a Free account at https://my.endpointprotector.com.