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How Endpoint Protector DLP can secure your data on Linux endpoints

See how you can setup Data Loss Prevention policies on Linux endpoints, what exit points Endpoint Protector 4 covers, and what type of sensitive data it can detect and block. This video explains how our DLP product can help you protect confidential business information and employees’ records against data breaches on Linux machines (various distributions like Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS, OpenSUSE), taking you step by step through the policies building. Stop users from uploading, sending, and copying/pasting confidential data from Linux workstations to the cloud, to online applications and to portable storage devices. For more information, visit our DLP for Linux solution page.

Set up a Content Aware Protection (CAP) Policy in Endpoint Protector

Learn how to set up a Content Aware Protection Policy in Endpoint Protector 4. Prevent confidential information from leaving the endpoint through USB and peripheral ports, printers, e-mails, instant messengers, cloud storage and other online applications. Through the Content Aware Protection module in Endpoint Protector 4, file transfer policies can be set up for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers. Filters can be created based on file extensions, predefined content (Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, etc.), custom content (create dictionaries based on keywords) or regular expressions.

How to set up rights in Endpoint Protector 4

In this tutorial, we walk you through and show you how to set up rights in Endpoint Protector 4. Get a quick insight into Device Rights, User Rights, Computer Rights, Group Rights and Global Rights. Device Control is an essential solution to prevent Data Losses and Data Leaks. Along with Content Aware Protection and Mobile Device Management (MDM), it is a key feature in every IT Security strategy.

Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Mac OS X

Make sure your sensitive data doesn’t leave Macs through Outlook, Skype, Dropbox, USB devices, Copy & Paste, Screen Captures, etc. Discover Content Aware Protection for Mac OS X and your company data such as Credit Card Numbers (CCNs), Intellectual Property, and Social Security Numbers (SSNs) will remain within the company network.